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Westlake Revelations' charter is to disseminate factual information about issues. Specifically, to explain topics without stating opinions so that the citizens can deal in fact ... instead of fiction ... and then make up their own minds based on real information.

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Election Reality Check: Elected vs. Appointed

This year's national election is full of fact or reality checks from a variety of news outlets. Westlake Revelations is doing the same locally. This article is in a series of "Election Reality Check" pieces about the election for Las Virgenes Municipal Water District. The statements chosen are based on comments the candidates have made to Westlake Revelations about the other candidate, as well as reader questions. The most relevant and frequently asked questions have priority.

"Joe Bowman was elected" or "Re-elect Joe Bowman"
Reality Check: At best, confusion about State Law. In reality, False. He's never been elected, only appointed.

Joe Bowman was appointed provisionally in 2002 when the seat was vacated, and appointed in lieu of election twice (2004 and 2008) -- confirmed with Los Angeles County Registrar's Office. This has never meant "elected" and therefore the use of terms "elected" and "re-elect" are inappropriate and factually incorrect.*

LVMWD Moves Forward with First Rate Increase

Tuesday night, the Las Virgenes Municipal Water District voted to move forward and begin to implement the first of the proposed rate increases. This new structure not only has higher rates, but modifies the structure for sanitation rates and recycled water rates. This begins the process of rates increasing for the community. The rate structure is complex, but if the rate increases continue to be implemented, rate payers should expect at least a 25% rate increase, and some over 40%, over the next few years.

Food Trucks coming to White Oak Elementary

Tomorrow, Friday, October 26th from 5pm - 8pm, Food Trucks are coming to White Oak Elementary. Open to the community, it's a fundraiser and fun for the PFC to support school specialists. "We know it'll be a great school event but we'd love for it to be a great community event," said Ray Pearl, White Oak PFC President.

Attendees are encouraged to "bring your appetite, wear your Halloween costumes, listen to a DJ and enjoy the company of friends."

5 Food Trucks will take part from:

Mangia Ristorante

Bowers Sausages

LVMWD Water Board Election: Learn About the Candidates

With the first Las Virgenes Metropolitan Water Board election in 12 years, Westlake Revelations' readers are asking for information about the water board candidates. Rather than a Westlake Revelations article, we've instead asked both candidates a list of questions -- for you to read their words for yourself. You can see their style, tone and communication skills, and you can compare it with your past experiences with both individuals.

LVMWD Forum on Rate Increases

Many Westlake Village residents were unable to attend the Las Virgenes Metropolitan Water District forum held at the Westlake Village civic center due to back to school night and other conflicts. District staff have stressed that anyone is welcome at any of the LVMWD forums discussing the upcoming rate increases and new water rate structures.

Westlake Village City Celebration Celebrates 10 Years on Saturday, October 20

Westlake Village City Celebration Celebrates 10 Years on
Saturday, October 20 (3:00 PM to 9:00 PM)

City of Westlake Village Cultural Recreation Advisory Board Seeking Applicants


Drug Arrest in Three Springs

This morning, two people (a man in his 40's and a younger unidentified woman) were arrested at a house in Three Springs on suspicion of drug possession and dealing, as well as allegedly presenting false ID. Both were taken away in handcuffs by deputies. In addition to the two people arrested, LA County Sheriff (who responded with a number of deputies and vehicles) removed a number of weapons reportedly including shotguns, rifles and handguns.

LVMWD: First Election in Years for Westlake Village

The filing period for candidates in the upcoming November election has come to a close. For the Las Virgenes Metropolitan Water District, there are two Divisions up for election (1 and 4). Division 4 covers all of the City of Westlake Village, part of the unincorporated area south and east of Westlake Village, and a bit of Agoura. District 1 covers Hidden Hills and surround areas.

Vandalism Reports

This past week there have been multiple acts of vandalism in Three Springs. As with any crime, the more information the Sheriff has, the more likely they will be able to catch those behind the acts.

While the Sheriff does have some information including videos, more information is always better. Contact the Lost Hills station at 27050 Agoura Road, Agoura Hills, CA 91301-5336 - Phone: (818) 878-1808. Or if you would prefer to keep anonymous, use LA Crime Stoppers (see information at

Local AT&T Cell Service issues

In the past week or two, many Westlake Revelations readers have been complaining about problems with AT&T wireless coverage in Westlake Village, and even parts of Agoura. Those that have reported the issues have been told by AT&T that there are no other reports of issues.

Fireworks Fire in Thousand Oaks

For those of you that saw The Oaks Mall fireworks display last night, you may have seen one firework shoot off to the west rather than up as it should have. Moments later, the glow of a brush fire and flashing lights of Ventura County Fire were seen on the hill, even as the show continued.

This morning, the Ventura County Star reports the location of the fire, and that it was extinguished in about 45 minutes:

This Morning! 43rd Annual 4th of July Parade

The City of Westlake Village is hosting the 43rd Annual 4th of July Parade this morning.

The parade begins at the former hospital site at 9:45 am. The parade follows a short 4-block route to Berniece Bennett Park located in the First Neighborhood of Westlake Village. Families are encouraged to decorate bicycles, scooters, and wagons in patriotic colors for all to admire and enjoy during the parade. Residents are also encouraged to line the parade route along Agoura Road between Lakeview Canyon Road and Greengate Court to cheer on participants as they stroll along. Veterans and members of the military are encouraged to participate in the parade. Residents who own dogs are welcome to bring their pets on leashes to participate in the parade.

The fun continues at the park with a dramatic U.S. Flag Retirement Ceremony performed by Boy Scout Troop #485. After the ceremony, residents can enjoy inflatable activities, a stilt walker, old fashioned park games, balloon animals, face painting, crafts, and music. Free popsicles and water will be distributed and the Rotary Club of Westlake Village will be selling hot dogs for $1. Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station will be on hand with “Bicycle Safety City” which is designed to teach young riders safe and fun practices while on their bike. The event ends at 12 noon.

Fireworks reminders

The Sheriff from both LA and Ventura counties wants to remind people today that all fireworks are illegal to possess or use throughout the county with the exception of the city of Fillmore, which allows only designated “Safe and Sane” fireworks to be purchased and used within the city limits.

This is particularly of importance with the recent dry conditions and wildfires burning in several Western states. Deputies will be actively enforcing laws pertaining to the possession or use of illegal fireworks. Depending on the type or amount of fireworks, violators could be subject to citation or arrest.

Another problem that occurs on Independence Day is the use of firearms for celebratory purposes. The discharge of any firearm or BB device in a grossly negligent manner is a misdemeanor in the state of California and is punishable by imprisonment in the county jail for up to one year.

The best way to enjoy fireworks and other local festivities is to attend one of the many organized community events listed here:

For any questions, call your local Sheriff station.

LVMWD to Discuss Tank Project, Decide on Location


Las Virgenes Municipal Water District has noticed the public that it will be presenting "the latest information on the [storage tank] project [in Westlake Village]" at its June 12th meeting. One might note that LVMWD, apparently, is skipping the part of the process where they publicly decide whether or not the tank should be constructed at all. General Manager John Mundy's public letter says "At the following meeting on June 26, it is anticipated that the Board will select their preferred site for the tank and authorize the process of hiring a consultant to perform the design."

Based on past presentations, the choice the Board will make will be to locate the storage tank on the edge of the reservoir nearest to Torchwood. Construction traffic is expected to go South from around the 101 up Lindero Canyon to Triunfo Canyon, up Three Springs Drive past Kirsten Lee to Torchwood. The combined tank construction and filtration plant upgrade projects are expected to take up to three years to complete.

Survey Reminder: Water rate increases or keep the infrastructure as is?


If you live within the Las Virgenes Metropolitan Water District area (Agoura Hills, Calabasas, Westlake Village, and Hidden Hills), now is your chance to voice your opinion: Should LVMWD build a water storage tank even if it means water rate increases? Or should it not build additional infrastructure and hold off increases as long as possible?

Remember: If you don't say something now, don't complain later if you don't like the result. :)

The survey asks for your opinion on just three things:
- current system reliability
- rate increases and water tank construction
- whether you want the water district to make it easier to conserve

Spend 60 seconds, and take the survey now:

Forward the Survey

The more people that voice their opinion to build or not, the better. Please forward this to anyone within Agoura, Calabasas, Westlake Village, Hidden Hills, or unincorporated portions of western Los Angeles County served by Westlake Village, Agoura, Calabasas.

4.0 Earthquake off the Coast of Malibu

Preliminary information is that the earthquake residents just felt was a magnitude 4.0 at 10:14pm. The location was 63km (39mi) SSE of Port Hueneme, California and 50km (31mi) SSW of Malibu, California.

TGIF Series Kicks off June 1


The City of Westlake Village will kick off its 9th season of summer entertainment on June 1. The series begins with “Jazz Night.” The multi-award winning jazz bands from both Lindero Canyon Middle School and Agoura High School will be performing. The performance start at 7:00 pm. “The Latigo Kid Restaurant” will be on site offering inexpensive family friendly dinners for sale.

Do you support water rate increases? Infrastructure Build out?


Since the building of a water storage tank by Las Virgenes Metropolitan Water District affects all customers in the service area (e.g., including water rate increases to all customers in Westlake Village, Agoura, Calabasas, etc...), Westlake Revelations has put together a QuickPoll giving area residents the easiest way to voice their opinion on whether or not LVMWD should build the tank.

Take the survey:

Forward the Survey

The more people that voice their opinion to build or not, the better. Please forward this to anyone within Westlake Village, Agoura, Calabasas, Hidden Hills, or unincorporated portions of western Los Angeles County served by Westlake Village, Agoura, Calabasas.

AT&T Cell Site Approved for Three Springs

Tonight, Las Virgenes Metropolitan Water District's Board voted 3-0 (Directors Caspary and Steinhardt were absent) to approve the new lease agreement between LVMWD and AT&T for a tree antenna located on the south side of the water district's building. The site is the optimum location to give Three Springs residents, and parts of the lake, coverage for AT&T wireless. While no schedule is yet in place, based on other projects, it would be reasonable to project that AT&T's site would start serving customers by sometime in Fall 2012.