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Westlake Revelations' charter is to disseminate factual information about issues. Specifically, to explain topics without stating opinions so that the citizens can deal in fact ... instead of fiction ... and then make up their own minds based on real information.

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Lindero/101 Bridge Reconstruction Begins Sep 16


The City of Westlake Village this morning announced that construction will begin on Sep 16 on the Lindero Canyon/101 Freeway bridge project. Two lanes should be open in each direction during most of the project, but for short periods, one lane may be open. The project is funded by Measure R funds from Los Angeles County.

The city estimates a completion of the project by mid-May 2014.

Filing Period Closed: Local Nov 5 Candidates Finalized

On November 5th, the local area will be voting for local representatives. In Westlake Village and Agoura Hills, residents will be select 3 candidates for their City Council Members. For all those that fall in the Las Virgenes Unified School District, you'll be selecting three candidates for school board.

The filing periods for City Council candidates has now come to a close. The choices are as follows:


City of Westlake Village, City Council:
Voters choose 3 candidates, highest 3 vote getters win

Brad Halpern, Challenger
Mark Rutherford, Incumbent

AMBER Alerts: What Are They? How Can You Manage Them?


Late last night and this morning, you may have received an Amber Alert on your phone -- and it was likely a loud, and very different signal from any other messages that you may have experienced the past. These new types of alerts are called "Wireless Emergency Alerts". These WEAs, according to FEMA, "are emergency messages sent by authorized government alerting authorities through your mobile carrier."

They include:

- Extreme weather, and other threatening emergencies in your area
- AMBER Alerts
- Presidential Alerts during a national emergency

WEA will look like a text message. The WEA message will show the type and time of the alert, any action you should take, and the agency issuing the alert. The message will be no more than 90 characters.

You do not have to register for these alerts, but they are complementary. This service is offered for free by wireless carriers. WEA messages will not count towards texting limits on your wireless plan.

You can opt-out of receiving WEA messages for imminent threats and/or AMBER alerts, but not for Presidential messages. To opt out, adjust settings on your mobile device. In the case of the iPhone, this is in Settings -> Notifications -> Government Alerts (at the bottom).

We strongly suggest that you keep as many of your alerts on as you can -- they are relatively infrequent, and especially important in the case of emergencies. For example, the WEA program has in place for over a year, part of the 2006 WARN Act passed by Congress -- how many alerts have you received?

For more information on Emergency Alerts, see

Slavin to Retire from Westlake Village City Council

This morning, the news broke that Robert Slavin, Mayor Pro-Tem for City of Westlake Village, will not be seeking re-election in the fall. After "pulling papers" (the step before filing one's candidacy), it surprised many that Slavin isn't running.

Westlake Revelations spoke to Bob this afternoon, and he said this...

180 Project at Old Hospital Site, Effectively Denied

Tonight, the City Council had a very long meeting (well over four hours) on 180's proposal to construct a senior living facility. It was effectively denied.

Council Members Davis and McSweeney made it clear in comments during deliberation that they did not support the project. As a result, since it would require 3 or more council members for it to pass, Council Member Rutherford suggested that rather than belabor with additional comments, that the council instruct staff to put together a denial motion for the project to be voted on for the next meeting.

Old Westlake Hospital Site: Senior Living Project Comes to Vote Tonight


Tonight, the City of Westlake Village City Council has a hearing about the 180 project to build what the developer calls a "New Senior Living Community and Improved Public Spaces" at the old Westlake Hospital site on Lakeview Canyon and Watergate, next to Westminster Presbyterian Church. It's a 136 unit senior citizen independent and assisted-living residential development.

The space the developer wants to build on is zoned "Public Institutional". Typically, this is zoning preserved for things that benefit the City's residents, such as publicly owned libraries and publicly owned museums; governmental and public services offices/facilities; Public service and utility structures and facilities, etc...

For 180 (the developer) to move forward with the project, the City needs to approve the following:

- Amend the General Plan for land use and housing
- Create a special needs housing overlay to Public Institutional zoning
- Increase the Floor Area Ratio (e.g., denser development)
- Amend the Zoning Ordinance pertaining to building height
- Approve a Development Agreement
- Approve a Planned Development Permit to authorize the construction
- Approve a Conditional Use Permit to authorize Special Needs Housing

Council member Robert Slavin is recusing himself for the vote, so the vote could approve with 3 or more votes, or be denied (2 or more votes against -- a tie is the same as not approving it).

The full agenda for tonight's city council meeting is at:
At that link, you can see the developer renderings, and a great deal of additional information.

Residents are able to make public comments about the project by filling out a speaker card, and submitting it to City staff.

Tonight's meeting is at City Council Chambers at City of Westlake Village City Hall, starting at 6:30pm [Ed. Note: Corrected meeting time]

44th Annual 4th of July Parade

Reminder about this morning's 4th of July parade and celebration.
Details below from City of Westlake Village

44th Annual 4th of July Parade

New this year: a contest for the most patriotic costumed non-motorized vehicle, pet, adult, and child. Please arrive at the former Westlake Medical Center by 9:15 am in order to be entered into the contest. Judging will take place at 9:30 am and winners will be announced at the park following the Flag Retirement Ceremony.

Schedule of Events
8:00 am Pancake Breakfast from Boy Scout Troop #752

SoCalGas Warns About Utility Impostors


Southern California Gas is warning residents of impostors. Make sure to verify their identity and call SoCalGas with questions, or the Sheriff if you suspect something.

First Bank & Trust Robbery on Agoura Road

Monday morning, two men robbed the First Bank & Trust branch located at 2797 Agoura Road (between Westlake and Lakeview Canyon). The men entered the bank and jumped over the counter. They proceeded to open the cash drawers and took an undisclosed amount of cash. The suspects exited the bank and were last seen walking eastbound through the parking lot.

No one was injured during the robbery. The suspects were described as being black males, wearing gray colored hooded sweatshirts and dark colored pants.

LVMWD Tank: Originally conceived 45 years ago. Staff given 2 weeks to find alternatives.


Last week, at LVMWD's board meeting, staff and Board members discussed the open house about the water tank earlier this month. A couple of Board members, but conspicuously not all, added anecdotal comments from Board members were that most people are in support of the tank, but are concerned about traffic and the look. Others reported completely different feedback (e.g., opposition to the tank).

In response, presumably, to the community's request for an open contest incentivizing alternative suggestions from staff, the public, schools, and engineering firms, Director Caspary (without public discussion during the meeting with his fellow board members), directed staff to review all alternatives and present at the next board meeting (he gave them two weeks). He suggested to his fellow board members that they had two days to provide all alternatives they knew of to staff. Unlike what the public proposed, there is no incentive, and all the work is being done by staff (not submitted from the outside, or reviewed by those on the outside).

Want to express your thoughts to LVMWD? Show up to the next Board meeting on Tue, June 25th, or write an email to the general manager or the board members. Contact info below.

Shooting Last Night on Lakeview Canyon Road


Last night at 9:03pm, deputies from the City of Thousand Oaks Police Department shot a man on Lakeview Canyon Road @ Agoura Road in Westlake Village after he rammed one patrol car and attempted to drive his car into another deputy. The incident began when deputies were looking for suspects in a hit-and-run on Westlake Blvd.

Letter to WLRev Readers from LVMWD Board Members


Last weekend, Westlake Revelations readers began writing letters into the Las Virgenes Municipal Water District by the dozen about the concept of a "Group Think Fund" (see

Many readers have received a response from LVMWD's General Manager. While the letter from the GM may represent some members of the board, the elected LVMWD Directors for most Westlake Revelations readers (those living in Westlake Village and Agoura Hills) have a different view.

LVUSD Connection Back up

LVUSD's Internet connection is back up. A "denial of service" attack took out several Districts along the 101 corridor all the way to Glendale. CENIC (the Corporation for Education Network Initiatives in California) resolved the situation.

For those of you that don't know, these types of attacks do happen. Kudos to LVUSD, LA County Office of Education, and CENIC for resolving quickly.

Any email that was sent to during this period of time should eventually make it from the backup servers. That may take a few hours however.

LVUSD on top of LACOE network outage

Currently, the Internet connections for all LVUSD schools are down. The school web sites continue to be up and running, but connectivity to the schools, including email and Aeries are not available. LA County Office of Education is working on the problem directly with LVUSD's Technology Dept.

Editorial: A New Idea About the Water Tank

This is not a normal Westlake Revelations article.
You should consider this an "editorial" from Westlake Revelations' founder, Neil Ticktin.
It's a simple idea for you think about.

LVMWD Water Tank: Costs Increase. June 8 Open House

On Saturday June 8th, 10am-2pm, LVMWD will have an open house at the Westlake Filtration Plant at the Westlake Reservoir location above Three Springs neighborhood. Below is the invitation that was sent to Three Springs residents, but since the cost to create the tank affects all LVMWD customers significantly, it's appropriate for all residents in the area to see and attend.

Sidewalk CPR Day - Learn CPR in 5 minutes!

This message from LA County Fire Dept....

Sidewalk CPR Day - June 4 - Learn CPR in 5 minutes!

Can you spare 5 minutes to learn how to save a life???

On Tuesday, June 4, join Los Angeles County and Ventura County Fire Firefighters, along with Los Robles Hospital at two locations near you!

11:00 am to 2:00 pm
The Promenade at Westlake Village (near Bristol Farms)
100 Promenade Way
(Westlake Blvd. at Thousand Oaks Blvd.)

4:00 pm to 7:00 pm
The Commons (in front of Edwards Cinema)
4766 Commons Way
(Calabasas Road east of Parkway Calabasas)

Speaking up matters. Have you?

In case anyone is wondering, when a large group of constituents speaks up, it matters. It really does.

How do we know? We've already heard from at least one congressional staff member that local residents inundated his inbox on Saturday about the EPA's proposed standards, and the expected tripling of sewer rates. In fact, this congressional staff member actually tried to get us to stop. That's how we know it matters.

Sanitation bills to nearly triple if EPA proceeds with new standards

Most of the numbers given to date about the cost of implementing the EPA's new water quality standards have been focused soley on the one time costs, or financing of those capital costs. But the new standards also cost more to operate and manage, and until now, those costs have not been translated into impacts per household.

More details, and how you can express your support or opposition. Read on.

T.H.E. "rapidly approaching" goal to increase LVUSD counseling

T.H.E. Foundation is the non-profit organization that supports all of the Las Virgenes Unified Schools, working to raise funds to create an "ongoing, sustainable source of revenue for our district." T.H.E. Foundation has embarked on a campaign to help increase school counseling for every child in LVUSD, asking everyone in our community to make a tax-deductible donation of $150 or more. In the words of T.H.E. "Counselors help keep our kids and community safe, while also maintaining our great schools and our high property values."