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Westlake Revelations' charter is to disseminate factual information about issues. Specifically, to explain topics without stating opinions so that the citizens can deal in fact ... instead of fiction ... and then make up their own minds based on real information.

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101 Closures this weekend

This just released from City of Westlake Village about freeway closures related to the Lindero overpass project.


New, but well known, faces at LVMWD Meeting

Last night, the Las Virgenes Municipal Water District held one of their regular board meetings. Unusual to these meetings, a few different residents from Agoura Hills and Westlake Village showed up to speak out on the controversial water tank. The first speaker was Louis Masry, son of Edward Masry (who worked with Erin Brockovich). Masry's family were part of the fight to keep Ahmanson Ranch from being developed.

City Now Accepting Nominations for Youth and Citizen of the Year

From the City of Westlake Village, this announcement...


The City of Westlake Village is now accepting nominations for the Annual Citizen and Youth Recognition Programs. Individuals nominated must be a Westlake Village resident and recognized for outstanding contributions toward the betterment of the community in a number of areas such as: academics, music, art, sports, valor and community services.

A simpler version of LVMWD Tank's Cost, probability of need

Westlake Revelations readers have a number of questions about last night's tank article. Put simply, here's what it all distills down to:

- the primary justification given for the tank is fire preparedness. you may hear other items, but fire is the core reason.

- if needed, the reservoir can provide 2000 times more water than the fire preparedness standard

- the cost of the tank is $9 million or $455 average per ratepayer (e.g., household). Will be more if costs continue to increase.

- building the tank would avoid the 1 in 350 chance in the next 30 years of needing to boil water during a catastrophe.

- LVMWD has far more water than necessary to meet the fire standard, and LA County Fire Department has never requested the tank be built.

The public should bear in mind that these circumstances have never occurred, and we're finding it difficult if not impossible to envision a situation that they can even occur.

The tank is not approved until the final vote. Those interested in the outcome should express their opposition or support of the tank project to elected officials or LVMWD's general manager. When you get a response, which you likely will -- you will likely hear that the money for the tank is already in hand (which it is), but you should know that if the tank is not built, those funds can be used elsewhere ... such as reducing future rate increases. In other words, one way or another, it affects your future rates (directly or indirectly). Many residents are also hearing back from LVMWD with other answers which are omitting facts, or have statements irrelevant to the situation at hand.

That said: As a major impact item for the ratepayers, citizens should make their views (pro or con) known to LVMWD General Manager David Pedersen or call LVMWD at 818-251-2100. It's the responsibility of voters, ratepayers, etc.. to speak up PRIOR to a vote. Now is the critical moment to make your feelings known about your cost of water service.

The next water district board meeting is Tuesday, Nov 26, at 5pm at LVMWD Headquarters. 4232 Las Virgenes Road, Calabasas, CA 91302.

Chance of Needing LVMWD Tank? 0.29%. Cost to each household? $455

Note: Most of this article is hard fact. In a few cases, where facts were not readily available, there are researched assumptions as indicated.


In 1-2 months, Las Virgenes Municipal Water District's Board of Directors is expected to have the *final* vote to approve the water tank: now a $9 million project (up from $6 million). If approved, and assuming the project costs don't continue to increase, each LVMWD customer (e.g., household) -- in Calabasas, Hidden Hills, Agoura Hills, and Westlake Village -- is paying an average of $455 for the tank project. The chances of needing the tank pencil out to less than 1% chance (see below).

From the beginning, Las Virgenes Municipal Water District's core reason for the water tank has been fire safety. Specifically, a triple situation happening simultaneously: hot day peak usage, major disruption of water supply, and a massive commercial/residential fire (not brush). But, the District has never answered the question of the likelihood of needing the tank. To the contrary, LVMWD's Board President Charlie Caspary disbanded the probability analysis committee.

In terms of preparedness, the District now and always has had the option of using unfiltered water from the Westlake Reservoir, with a boil order, to handle catastrophic fires. The 3.1 billion gallon reservoir is 620 times bigger than the proposed water tank.

After talking to statisticians on how to calculate the probability properly, and determining components for each fact (or researched assumptions), the rough estimate comes out to a 0.29% chance of actually needing the tank in the next 30 years. That's less than 1/3 of 1% chance. Note: The triple threat scenario has never happened, nor has it been even close to happening. A real probability study would have taken this rough estimate to a more detailed analysis.

All of LVMWD's customers pay for the tank. The District has made clear that if the tank is not built, most of the money saved can be used to offset both the rate increases that LVMWD's board has already approved or projected for the next several years. The funds could be used to offset other costs: the expected pass along rate increases from the wholesale water supplier (MWD increases are in addition to LVMWD increases), the possible near tripling of sewer rates due to the new EPA standards imposed, conservation efforts, etc...

Unless something changes or the community directs otherwise, residents and ratepayers should expect three of the five board members to vote to approve the tank project. There are no other votes on the tank after this final approval: it's the approval to begin construction.

Westlake Revelations readers have asked about where to direct feedback. As always, voicing your opinion to elected officials is the best way. If you want to give LVMWD feedback, including support or opposition to the tank's construction, call LVMWD at 818-251-2100 or send email to its general manager, David Pedersen As always, feel free to cc (or not) on your emails as well as others you want to inform in the community, or those you feel that can have an impact: other news outlets, or community leaders.

New Council Member, Mayor, Mayor Pro-Tem, and Farewell to Retiring Member Slavin

It's the time of year for the city council to vote for a new mayor. In addition this year, there's a new councilmember and a retiring councilmember. As covered in earlier Westlake Revelations articles, every two years the residents elect alternating sets of city councilmembers for four year terms. The city council, in turn, once a year elects a Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem. Tonight, each of these positions were selected as well as a retirement ceremony for councilmember Bob Slavin, and the swearing in of new councilmember Brad Halpern.

After recognizing service, a retirement ceremony for outgoing councilmember Bob Slavin, and the swearing in of the councilmembers who won the recent election, the Council voted Mark Rutherford as the new Mayor, and Ned Davis as the new Mayor Pro Tem, to serve for the next year. Mayor Rutherford pledged to keep going in the same direction, and the same way as it has been going.

For Local Area 5th-8th Grade Boys

Disclaimer: Westlake Revelations Founder Neil Ticktin is a scout leader, organizing the below event this weekend. Please encourage any 5th-8th grade boy (relatives, friends, neighbors), or any boy interested ages 10-17 to attend and find out more.

LVUSD Provisional Ballots Now Counted, Confusion Cleared

Counting for the LVUSD election mostly took place on Tue night and Wed morning, but the final pieces -- the provisional votes -- still needed to be counted. This is now complete. Votes are unofficial until certified, but at this time, the total votes (from highest to lowest) are as follows:

3197 Lesli Stein
2844 Angela Cutbill
2583 Dallas Lawrence
2300 Mary Jo Ammon
2142 Ray Pearl
35 Sharon Kaiser

LVUSD Close Race, Appears Stein, Cutbill and Lawrence have won

As of right now, it appears that LVUSD's race for school board is very very close. It appears that Westlake Village has not yet reported any numbers to LA County, and they won't until the final count later today, that the initial vote counts reported by County of Los Angeles, City of Westlake Village, and County of Ventura need to be added to together to determine the outcome.

If all of the above is true, and if the counts hold the relative margins that they currently do, it APPEARS the three top vote getters for LVUSD are:

Lesli Stein
Angela Cutbill
Dallas Lawrence

Halpern, McSweeney, and Rutherford Win

The City of Westlake Village has finished the initial count of the votes for City Council and LVUSD candidates. As of right now, the counts from Westlake Village are below. You can see continually updated results as they are available for all relevant reporting agencies at:

November 5, 2013
Westlake Village City Council (Vote For Three)

Candidate Total
Kymberly Horner 514
Brad Halpern 749
Susan McSweeney 743

Election Day information

Tomorrow, Tue November 5th is election day. Everyone over 18 should vote. It's your right. It's your responsibility as a citizen.

If you don't know where to vote, use this web site:

On election night, Westlake Revelations will once again have a monitoring web page live that will aggregate the information from the City of Westlake Village, as well as the elections for Agoura Hills and Las Virgenes Unified School District. The page automatically pulls from official sources, and is located at:


The below press release just in from LVUSD. They have hired a new CTO to replace Phil Scrivano.

Las Virgenes Unified School District Names Jim Klein
As its New Chief Technology Officer

November 5: Additional Candidate info available

On November 5th, the local area will be voting for local representatives. In Westlake Village and Agoura Hills, residents will be select 3 candidates for their City Council Members. For all those that fall in the Las Virgenes Unified School District, you'll be selecting three candidates for school board.

The choices are below.

Since the Westlake Village City Council candidates forum, which you can see at:
Westlake Revelations readers have been asking questions about the candidates. Clearly, many readers clearly are looking to make an informed decision about candidates and who to vote for. At the links below is text from each candidate. This is unedited, and may or may not address the questions you have. Each candidate has provided a way to get more information from them, including how to contact them with questions.


City of Westlake Village, City Council:
Voters choose 3 candidates, highest 3 vote getters win

Brad Halpern, Challenger

Mark Rutherford, Incumbent

Don Rosenberg, Challenger

Susan McSweeney, Incumbent

Kymberly Horner, Challenger

More on LVUSD, Agoura Hills, below...

Candidate Page: Sue McSweeney

Candidate Page: Don Rosenberg

Candidate Page: Mark Rutherford

Candidate Page: Kym Horner

Candidate Page: Brad Halpern

Happy Anniversary


Westlake Revelations is celebrating its 7 year anniversary this month, and this week published its 500th article.

About 1/4 of Westlake Village residents read the emails. In addition, articles have been accessed over a million times in the past seven years (1,063,292 to be exact). CBS Los Angeles awarded Westlake Revelations with "best valuable blogger" in LA for local affairs. Even better, is that many of you have sent notes or thanked me or my family personally.

I expect to continue publishing Westlake Revelations as my contribution to the community, time permitting. But as with all milestones, I am pondering how useful my contribution is, and how it can be improved. So, I'm asking for 2 minutes of your time:

1) Give me feedback by taking a very short survey:

2) My intent is for as many people as possible to be informed. Please forward this link to 5 of your friends/neighbors to subscribe:

Thank you for reading!
Neil Ticktin

Lindero Bridge Project To Force Temp Nighttime Closure of 101 Fwy


The City has just released the following information about the Lindero Canyon/101 Freeway overpass project. On the nights starting on Mon Oct 28th through Nov 7th, the 101 will be closed in both directions. Traffic will be routed off and back on the freeway. One lane will remain open in each direction on the bridge.

The first two nights will have jack hammer work that may be heard by nearby residents. (The City has no control over the timing of the closure -- CalTrans determines this.)