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Westlake Revelations' charter is to disseminate factual information about issues. Specifically, to explain topics without stating opinions so that the citizens can deal in fact ... instead of fiction ... and then make up their own minds based on real information.

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Legal Action Filed Against LVMWD, Tank Project

Note: Because Neil Ticktin may be a witness, we cannot respond or comment on the legal action just filed against Las Virgenes Municipal Water District. That said, below is a press release that has just appeared on PRWeb. You can see it below in text, or at

In addition, the publicly available verified complaint is available as a PDF here or from the LA County Court web site.

Legal Action Filed Against Las Virgenes Municipal Water District (LVMWD) Tank Project

Legal action filed against Las Virgenes Municipal Water District (LVMWD) tank project cites public safety issues of blasting near dam, Valley Fever risks, lack of emergency plan; with allegations including "colossal failure to comply with California's public notice statutes"; and asks the Court to invalidate environmental approval, and project approval.

Regency Centers to Address TO City Council on Trees/Project

For those interested in the Westlake Shopping Centers Renovation Project (the two adjoined shopping centers at the corner of Westlake Blvd. and Agoura Road where there has been much discussion over tree removal), there will be a "project update" at the next City of Thousand Oaks City Council meeting. The meeting takes place Tuesday, April 22nd at 6pm. Council meetings are held in the Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza Scherr Forum Theatre which doubles as Council Chambers, at 2100 E. Thousand Oaks Boulevard.

Total Lunar Eclipse Tonight, Timing and How to View

Tonight is a total lunar eclipse, starting around 11pm, with totality around midnight. There's a great description of it by Brian Webb's Launch Alert newsletter below.


Brian Webb, Ventura County, California
2014 April 13 (Sunday) 11:28 PDT


by Brian Webb

If the weather cooperates, observers in the Southwest and beyond will
be well situated to see a total lunar eclipse on the night of April

As seen from California, the Moon will be well above the horizon for

Trees Being Cut Down at Westlake Plaza Center

Some Westlake Revelations readers have noted that they are cutting down trees at the Westlake Plaza Center. According to the City of Thousand Oaks (this is the Westlake Village part of Thousand Oaks), Regency Shopping Centers owns the Westlake Plaza. Per their approved plans, they requested removal of a number of trees for a variety of reasons (health, size constrictions to existing boxes, non-native plantings etc.). According to the City, Regency is "replacing everything with native mature trees."

Investigation continues on Hyatt shooting report

At 2:30am on Thursday morning, there were reports of shots fired at the Westlake Village Hyatt. The below update has just been released by Ventura County Sheriff.

Thousand Oaks Police Department detectives are investigating a shooting that occurred inside the Hyatt Westlake Plaza hotel early Thursday morning. There were no injuries. No suspects have been arrested.

Questions Arise about Dam Safety; Div. of Safety of Dams Reviewing

Recently, Westlake Village residents became aware for the first time of Las Virgenes Municipal Water District's plan for six weeks of daily explosives blasting near the dams that create the Las Virgenes reservoir. Contrary to popular opinion, there’s actually two dams, one on each side of the filtration plant, which hold the water back and create the reservoir. This reservoir is the primary storage of water for all Las Virgenes Municipal Water District customers from Westlake Village to Calabasas -- the 3 billion gallons is about 3 months worth of supply for LVMWD customers.

WLV Awards IT Strategic Plan Contract to ThirdWave

At a study session this week, the City of Westlake Village voted to engage ThirdWave to create an IT Strategic Plan. Study sessions are not video recorded, so the meeting is not available to view. The $51,353 contract covers ThirdWave doing both an "internal" and "external" plan.

WLV Approves MOU, LVMWD Director Files Complaint with District Attorney

Earlier this week, the Westlake Village City Council approved the Memorandum of Understanding between the City and LVMWD on the 5MG tank. This agreement adds a series of conditions to improve safety for the project (despite most of the council members citing that there was really no way to make it safe in Three Springs).

Reminder: City Council to Discuss LVMWD Tank Project MOU

Tonight, Wed Feb 26th at 6:30pm, the City of Westlake Village City Council will take up a discussion and presumably vote on whether to approve a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Las Virgenes Municipal Water District in regards to the tank construction above Three Springs at the Las Virgenes Reservoir.

WLV City Council to Consider MOU on Three Springs Tank Construction

At the next Council meeting, the City of Westlake Village City Council will take up a discussion and presumably vote on whether to approve a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Las Virgenes Municipal Water District in regards to the tank construction above Three Springs at the Las Virgenes Reservoir. The estimated $12.7 million project to construct the tank is expected to start the first week of March, and last for 18 months with the construction transportation route using city streets: Three Springs Drive to Torchwood, and then onto LVMWD property.

Lindero (N) to 101 (N/W) Loop On-Ramp to Close for 3 Weeks


The City has released the following news about the Lindero Canyon overpass construction project...
This impacts only one of the four onramps to the 101 at Lindero.
Specifically, the loop on-ramp when heading North on Lindero Canyon and wanting to go onto the 101 Heading North (West) on 101.
This will take place from February 24th through March 17th.

118/23 Interchange Closed Two Weekends (Feb 7-10, Feb 21-24)

The California Dept of Transportation just released the following information.


MOORPARK – The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) will close the northbound Moorpark Freeway (SR-23) connector to the eastbound Ronald Reagan Freeway (SR-118) at Los Angeles Street from 10 p.m. Friday, February 7 until 5 a.m. Monday, February 10.

The closure is required to implement emergency repairs of bridge joints on the Arroyo Simi Overhead structure.

LVMWD Tank Vote Meeting: Recall Effort, Legal Issues, WLV City Ordinance & More


Tonight, the Board of LVMWD took up the vote to approve construction contracts for the water tank project in Three Springs. The meeting started with a 3.5+ hour section devoted to the tank which had a number of facets including: Louis Masry's announcement of a recall campaign against three board members, the launch of a voter ballot measure to restrict construction with blasting in Westlake Village, and legal action by one Board member against the Board president.

Ultimately, the Board vote was 3 to 2 with Directors Caspary, Renger, and Peterson voting to approve up to $12.7 million for the tank ($649 per customer). Directors Polan and Steinhardt voted against the project.

With so many "curve balls" at this meeting, it's hard to know what the future holds despite the majority and what would normally be considered a "final" vote. There now appears to be a major legal violation of board member rights/procedure that may cloud the issue by putting the basis for the Board's vote in jeopardy. No one is sure what that means at this time, but it could include action by the State Attorney General (see below). There's the issue of the announced recall of three elected board members, which if any one is recalled could significantly change the Board make up -- and no one knows that impact. And finally, if the proposed Westlake Village City ordinance makes it to the ballot and the voters pass it, the City of Westlake Village's council may be put in the position of deciding whether to grant approval to any developer, including LVMWD, to use blasting within City limits.

Donate Coats at Event in Three Springs Sat; Play in the Snow

This weekend, on Saturday, January 18th from 10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. (rain or shine), the "4th Annual Coats-for-Casa Charity Event at the Park" at Three Springs Park in Westlake Village. Those attending are encouraged to bring gently used children or adult coats to benefit CASA Pacifica in Camarillo. This is a family event with complimentary snow play, coffee and smoothies, and winter crafts -- and this year, event organizers say there will be "even more snow" added to the festivities.

LVMWD Thank Vote Tue; Cost now doubles to $11.5 million

Earlier today, Las Virgenes Municipal Water District publicly released the agenda for next week's meeting. On that agenda is the final vote on the water tank. This is the vote to award contracts and start construction.

The agenda shows that the tank will now cost $11,500,000.00 -- or said differently, every customer from Westlake Village to Calabasas will be paying $589 for the tank. The cost was 21% higher than the District's most recent engineering estimate. It's about double the originally indicated costs of the tank.

Pondering the Future Westlake Village

Note: This is not a normal Westlake Revelations article. It's an idea for you think about.
You should consider this an "editorial" from Westlake Revelations' founder/editor, Neil Ticktin.

As we close up this year, and ponder the future, it may also be a fitting time to think about what Westlake Village can do as a city. No doubt, you've heard about the satellite TV provider rate increases coming, or experienced poor service from your cable provider, or even seen the inherent limits of technology from phone providers. Those are yesterdays and today's problems, but they don't even come close to allowing us to think about the future.

Westlake Village has some serious and unusual limitations when it comes to technology, cable, and telephone. These are complex, but mostly, these come from geography: proximity to the county line, and a narrow developed corridor between the two mountain ranges to the North and South. They also, however, come from the fact that Westlake Village is a tiny city. Over the past two decades, the City Council has tried a couple of different approaches to dealing with providers for cable and telephone -- essentially, these are regulation and deregulation. But neither can work, as we've seen -- there has to be something in between. Some cities have looked to yesterday's technology, and combined existing copper wiring for the 'last mile' with fiber. Or, taken the route of WiFi everywhere -- even though the technology changes so quickly, it's hard to pin down and has significant limitations. Others have tried grandiose plans that required too many to be involved.

40+ years ago, Westlake Village was a leader in creating a planned community -- one that has been modeled throughout the country. Today, our City thrives both economically, and in services provided... except deeply lacks in one area: technology infrastructure. This infrastructure is the foundation for good Internet connectivity, mobile phone access, WiFi, medical applications, etc... Compared to other cities, our lack of options is even embarrassing. While most Westlake Village residents have learned to cope with the frustrations and limitations, many have yet to see how limiting this will actually become with time. Is there a better way?

What if the City of Westlake Village could put in place the technology infrastructure? One that Internet, media, and content providers would compete for our business because they could focus on what they do best... not on what's most cost effective for them? Is it possible to do, without breaking the bank? Yes, I think so -- but to do so, our city would want to learn the lessons of the past.

The key for success is to identify the minimal amount necessary for the City to do, and to enable the private sector to realistically compete for our business.

For Westlake Village to do this, and leap forward, it needs to leap forward in its thinking -- and look at the future, not just play catch up. And, that likely means getting fiber optic connectivity to every home, business and service provider within our city. This does not mean trying to retrofit old technologies like cable, or beefing up copper wiring services, but fiber... real fiber... all the way to the home.

In-N-Out Burger Approved

The Westlake Village City Council tonight considered an application for a new In-N-Out Burger with drive through located on Russell Ranch Road at the western end of the new Shoppes at Westlake Village (aka the Target center). The proposed hours were modified from 10:30am opening, to 12am closing (Sun-Thurs) and 12:30am (Fri-Sat).

The In-N-Out was approved. The council voted 4-1 with all council members except council member Halpern who voted against it.

LVUSD Swears in New Board Members


Las Virgenes Unified School District tonight had its annual reorganization meeting where it not only welcomed two new and one re-elected board members, but also named its new board president. Dr. Dan Stepenosky swore in the two new board members -- Dallas Lawrence and Angela Cutbill -- as well as re-elected member Lesli Stein. LVUSD's new board has elected new officers: Jill Gaines as the new board president, Cindy Iser as the new vice president and Lesli Stein as the new board clerk.

WLV Council to vote on In-N-Out Burger at The Shoppes

When The Shoppes at Westlake Village (the "Target" development on the area known as "Lot C") was approved by the Westlake Village City Council last year, the developer (Dan Selleck) made the commitment that there would not be a fast food drive through restaurant on the property without bringing it back before the council to consider. In-N-Out Burger has filed an application to construct and operate a drive-thru restaurant at the southwest corner of the project, and the Council will consider that application at the December 11th meeting this week.

11:13pm Atlas V rocket Launch Tonight from Vandenberg AFB

The below information just in Launch-Alert mailing list (see for more info about the list.

There's a launch tonight that should be visible if the weather holds.

Tonight's planned launch of an Atlas V rocket from Vandenberg AFB remains on schedule for 11:13 p.m. The probability of acceptable weather at launch time has greatly improved.

After liftoff, the Atlas will fly southward and could be visible over a wide area.

For current countdown status, go to: