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Westlake Revelations' charter is to disseminate factual information about issues. Specifically, to explain topics without stating opinions so that the citizens can deal in fact ... instead of fiction ... and then make up their own minds based on real information.

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Measure Z Q&A

Measure Z Q&A
November 6, 2006
Minor corrections made at: November 6, 2006, 3:03pm


Thanks for all the comments and thank you's -- really makes it all worth it for me.

This weekend, I've spoken to a ton of people, and have been asked several more questions following up the earlier "article" that I wrote. I tracked down the answers, and thought you'd like to know them.

I've added this to the full web page at:

Feel free to forward to whoever you'd like.

Measure Z Revelations

New Q&A added: November 6, 2006
See here:
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If you are interested in Measure Z, you may want to read on.

Some of you know me from White Oak Elementary, the Y, soccer or baseball -- or just around town. What you may remember about me is that I like to understand things, and I tend to dive into them until I understand them.

I was so frustrated with all the conflicting information on Measure Z, that I did exactly that. I read through parts of the EIR, yes/no on Z literature, spoke with yes/no campaign workers and supporters, and then I spoke to 3 of the 5 city council members, the Westlake Village City Traffic Engineer, and read through the impartial City Attorney documentation.

Personally, I see good reasons why people would vote yes or no on the measure -- as it all comes down to one's needs and perspectives.

For example, it's simply difficult for someone to argue with another person who just wants more office space in Westlake Village. Similarly, it's difficult to argue with someone who wants a full size hardware store close by.

These are both reasonable, and I think that we can all respect those points of view ... regardless of our own feelings.

I've taken the time to write up the information that I've found, and I thought I would share this information with anyone interested, doing whatever possible to avoid stating an opinion. My goal is simply to help disseminate information ... not sway your vote.

I've asked representatives from both the Yes and No camps to review this email for factual errors, and in the vein of avoiding opinions, I have integrated in their comments where there was factual basis.

I hope you find this useful, and you are welcome to forward to other people, particularly those that live in Westlake Village. It's ok for people to excerpt what I've written, so long as the link to the full text is included so that I'm not taken out of context.

This will be a VERY close election, and recent polls show that it could be
decided by just a few votes. I strongly encourage you to vote ...
regardless of your position.

Neil Ticktin
Westlake Village Resident

Why Westlake Revelations?

I'm Neil Ticktin, a Westlake Village resident since the mid-1990's and the creator of Westlake Revelations.

In the midst of the election on Measure Z (Nov 2006), it became clear that there was a lot of rumors flying around issues in the City of Westlake Village. Spreading mis-information, confusion, misleading tidbits all became the norm -- and unnecessarily divided our city. And that's just not what Westlake Village is about.