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Westlake Revelations' charter is to disseminate factual information about issues. Specifically, to explain topics without stating opinions so that the citizens can deal in fact ... instead of fiction ... and then make up their own minds based on real information.

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Update on use of old Yerba Buena site


As you probably know, Yerba Buena Elementary moved to its new home about a week ago. Previously, Yerba Buena Elementary (YB) was located immediately next to Lindero Canyon Middle School (LCMS) which is now the oldest (un-renovated) facility in the Las Virgenes School District.

The plan has long been for LCMS to go through an extensive, multi-year renovation that realistically could start towards the end of the 2007-08 school year. In the interim, LCMS was hoping to make use of the extra space to get some "breathing room" until construction started, but that may be changing. The district is seriously considering locating the new Community Learning Center (most people have called this the "charter school") at the old YB campus. Prior to that, most believed it was being located at AE Wright.

The below gives an overview of how the renovation will proceed, the effects already seen now that YB has moved, the upcoming new school, and where it may be located.

This morning's shake

Yep, it was an earthquake

You may be thinking you're nuts ... your house shook, but nothing is on the news. You're not nuts, it *was* an earthquake at 6:27am, just not a very big one.

The magnitude 3.5 event occurred 4 miles NW of Leo Carillo State Beach at a "hypocentral" depth of 11 miles. That put's it about 10 miles from the entrance of Three Springs.

You can see here on Google Maps by clicking here.

Soap Box Derby Q&A

Hello all,

I've been getting enough questions about the Soap Box Derby that I decided to do it "one to many" here on the list.

When is it?
It's this Sun, April 1. It's at the Farmers Insurance parking lot, across the street from the Westlake Village City Hall at 31051 Agoura Road.

Is the public invited?
Yes, everyone is invited to come and watch the races and enjoy the carnival and family fun day. Admission is free.

Who is putting this on?
The Triunfo YMCA Trailblazer program is. Trailblazers is a father/child program for 3rd through 6th graders.

When will the races be?

Home Depot, Likely Replacing Old Kmart


In the past several months, things have changed, and it now looks likely that Home Depot will be going in on the property that the old Kmart is on, on Hampshire Road. Home Depot wants to remove the existing structure, and rebuild a store that is smaller than a "normal" Home Depot, but still retains a garden center and full product line. The new store would be 6500 sq. ft. smaller than the previous tenants (Kmart and the retail stores).

Full Article

Westlake Village's First Soap Box Derby

I thought we'd take a look at something different -- something that is all about why we live in a place like Westlake Village.

Westlake Village is getting what I believe is its first Soap Box Derby (if you know otherwise, please let me know).

The event is put on by the Triunfo YMCA Trailblazer Program. This is a program for kids (3rd-6th grade) with their dads ... an older version of the Indian Guide/Princess program.

The Soap Box Derby is being held alongside a carnival, and "family fun day" with a BBQ. The event includes:

* Antique and Classic Car Show

Straw Poll Results Q&A

Good evening,

Got a couple of questions today that were asked enough times that I thought I would send a note on it.

Q: How many people were included in the poll?

A: Approximately 300 took the straw poll, and the majority of them were residents of the City of Westlake Village. We were pleased with this response. [For those that don't know, a straw poll is "an unofficial ballot conducted as a test of opinion." For those statistics buffs, you should not consider this a "probability sample".]

Q: Did people vote more than once?

Straw Poll Results


The straw poll was specifically to see whether people liked the Sunrise concept, and if so, what they liked about it. And, if they didn't want it, what they might like to see in its place.

We created the poll, contacted all 19 Home Owners' Associations in Westlake Village, and invited their residents to take part, I sent out to the large Westlake Revelations mailing list, and I know that the invitations got circulated fairly well.

Sunrise Q&A: Church Donation, Size of Development

Good afternoon,

With all the activities of the Presbyterian Church and in First Neighborhood this weekend, there are some questions that I've been asked about the Sunrise development that I'd like to clarify.

* Sunrise is reportedly now donating 1 acre of property to the Presbyterian Church next door to the proposed development, not just letting the Church use it as we were told before. That donation would be worth an estimated $3 million.

Old Westlake Hospital Property: Straw Poll Update

Straw Poll Questions

As you know, we're taking a quick straw poll about the future of the old Westlake Hospital site on Lakeview Canyon near First Neighborhood. See

The straw poll is already going very well.

I've been asked a couple of questions:

* Each person in your household can vote as long as they have a separate email address. So you should definitely forward to your spouse and others if you've not done so.

* We won't be releasing the results until the poll is closed as that typically can skew results in a survey.

* You can vote if you are outside of the City of Westlake Village. Just mark which city you are in (question 2).

* Your answers will be kept confidential, only statistical results will be released.

* The poll will be open through Feb 25th, but don't wait, vote now.

* The location of the old Westlake Hospital is near First Neighborhood in Westlake Village, on Lakeview between Agoura Road and Lindero Cyn. Here's an aerial shot (taken from the Sunrise web site ).

Aerial Shot

It only takes a moment to voice your opinion in the straw poll, so if you've not done it, please do so now.

And, forward to others in the area that you know as the more people that can express their opinion, the better.

Vote now at:
It's time to express your opinion!

Straw Poll Open on Old Westlake Hospital Property

Straw Poll Open on Old Westlake Hospital Property
It's time to express your opinion!

Westlake Revelations has begun conducting a straw poll on the issue to gauge what the residents in the area would like to see. Whether you are a resident of the City of Westlake Village or the surrounding area, we want to hear from you.

Old Westlake Hospital Property: Your Chance to Speak Up

Express Your Opinion: It will make a difference

Over the past couple of years, people have expressed an interest to speak up on Westlake Village issues ... but sometimes, they are far too late in the game to make a difference.

Here's your chance to express an opinion, and have it count.
Read below ... and then we'll explain the straw poll Westlake Revelations is putting together.


HCA would like to sell the land that the old Westlake Hospital is on. But, there's very limited zoning and use allowed on this property. Sunrise Retirement would like to build 210+ independent/assisted living apartments on this property, but unlike most properties, the city council must make significant changes to the zoning for this to happen.

We as citizens need to voice our opinion to the city council as to whether we would like to have an independent/assisted living facility on this property, or if we would like to have a different use. As a result, Westlake Revelations is putting together a straw poll ... and the results will be publicly presented to the city council.

Bottom line: Just read the article. :)

Lot C: Opus Deal Closed, Upcoming Meeting


About 6 weeks ago, I wrote about the Opus deal to buy Lot C (the property that Lowe's wanted to build on) is now closed. Opus has built-in, contractual rights to the property. So long as they follow the rules, they can build out the maximum square footage. That said, Opus is open to hearing desires and suggestions from the community, and a meeting has been set up to do that.

What's up with "the wall"? Dole Development Info


The City Council agreed to a 6 story building in exchange for a development with less traffic, more revenue, and a diversified revenue source. In addition, by having the hotel have a smaller footprint, the city was able to work with the developer to create additional amenities to benefit the city and schools. The wall is expected grow in fairly completely by September 2008. The plain block is the best material for the long term because the vines stick to it best. See the projections pictures at

Clearing up Rumors on So. Cal Edison Rate Changes

I thought we'd try something a little different with Westlake Revelations, and learn something more about what we were all complaining about a few months back ... and likely will be again this coming summer.

Rest assured, however, we'll be back on issues uniquely Westlake Village again shortly.

Let me know what you think of this piece/topic.


Electricity Bills, Where they headed?

If you pay attention to discussions around electricity bills, you've probably heard by now "rates are going up" or "their adding a 5th tier". There's a ton of misconception about what happened last summer, what will be happening, and how to reduce your bills. Let me try to clear some of it up.

Lot C Update: Deal in Progress

"Lot C" is the name of the undeveloped lot that Lowe's wanted to build on, and was at the center of the issue on Measure Z last November. Lowe's indicated that if Measure Z did not pass, they would sell the property and move on.

Everything said and done, Lowe's had approximately $23 million into the property. Rumors are that the property would sell for at least $30 million, and probably a good chunk more than that. But, until a deal is done and closed (and in public records) we won't know the final price for sure.

Opus West has been interested in Lot C over the last four years. Opus West is part of the Opus Group and the office building developer who built the Farmer's building near the Westlake Village City Hall.

Opus is now under contract with Lowe's for an undisclosed amount for the property. In short, this means that Opus has a deal on the property pending due diligence. The deal is expected to close as early as the end of this year. If it doesn't close for some reason, presumably Lowe's will solicit other buyers that have already expressed interest.

Westlake Village's "New" Mayor

Just a quick update on the mayoral selection process we wrote about a couple of weeks ago. Last night, the city council chose Westlake Village's new mayor and mayor pro-tem. This took place during the "Annual Reorganization Meeting."

Measure Z Results - Final Results

Today, the county has issued the final ballot update and results.

Yes: 1,720 (44%)
No: 2,199 (56%)

3,919 of the 5,644 registered voters voted (69% voter turn out). The vote was
decided with a 479 vote difference.

For those 1,725 that did not vote, please consider setting yourself up for permanent absentee ballot status so that you don't miss out in the future. Click here for the application.

How Does Westlake Village Choose Its Mayor?

One of the more common questions right now is about the upcoming mayoral selection in Westlake Village, and how some of the roles work in the city. The mayor position will be voted on at the next city council meeting, Dec 6th.

Measure Z Results - Results

Good morning,

As the precincts reported in, the margins were thin. But, ultimately began to separate as the last were counted.

While the results are not yet certified, 100% of the precincts have now reported. The vote results are:

Yes: 1,539 (45%)
No: 1,907 (55%)

This puts voter turn out at 3,446 out of 5,644 registered voters in Westlake Village, or 61%.

Thanks to everyone for all the comments throughout this process! I've enjoyed it.

If there's more information, I'll let you know.


Measure Z Results - Early Results

Hello all,

Since I've been asked many times tonight already "is there any news?" ... I thought I would give you an update.

There are hundreds of you on my list already, but if you are receiving this note on a "forward", drop me a line a note and I'll add you to the list to receive it directly in a more timely manner.

As of right now, Tue night 10:35pm, only absentee ballots received before election day have been counted (and I don't know if all of them have been counted).

Yes: 477 (48%)
No: 517 (52%)