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Westlake Revelations' charter is to disseminate factual information about issues. Specifically, to explain topics without stating opinions so that the citizens can deal in fact ... instead of fiction ... and then make up their own minds based on real information.

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Westlake Village City Celebration Announcement


The City of Westlake Village made the announcement today about the upcoming City Celebration. This year, the event is actually five events in one. And new to this year's event, is that the event is created by a number of volunteers, from a number of community groups. See the full official text below for the details.

MTA Approved Funding for Westlake Village Lindero Project


For the past few months, many of the capital projects within the city of Westlake Village have been on hold pending the approval of funds for the Lindero overpass. This is money that would be approved by the Metropolitan Transit Authority (commonly known as the MTA). The MTA manages most local funds, and state funds spent locally for transit projects. The MTA approved the $8.5 million that the city asked for to improve the Lindero overpass.

Recently, with the recent budget cuts the state made to pass the state budget, many were concerned that the MTA may not grant these funds. The MTA approval was a unanimous vote.

Candidate Debate: Call for Questions


If you've been wondering what the candidates think about a topic, now is your chance. You can request to ask a question yourself at the upcoming debate, or submit your question to be asked on your behalf.

Please contact Westlake Revelations by October 1st.

Sunrise Development: Draft EIR Ready


For those interested in the Sunrise Senior Assisted Living Project (the proposed development on the old "Westlake Hospital" property), the draft Environmental Impact Report is now available, and a 45 day period of public review has started.

Local crime: Trends and Prevention


While Westlake Village and the surrounding area has some of the lowest crime rates around, the area has been plagued with burglaries and thefts out of vehicles. While the Sheriff has made some arrests, new thieves pop up in their place, and are generally coming from areas outside the Conejo Valley. Vehicle related crimes could be cut by half if residents don't leave desirable items in plain sight in their cars.

Westlake Village Parks, Wood Chips


As many of you have seen, the play equipment in the parks around Westlake Village have gotten a big upgrade. The first phase of the park upgrade work has just about been completed. One question that has come up is about the use of wood chips -- replacing the sand. In short, it's to meet current ADA standards.

2007 Election Central Page Now Live

There are 3 things that local residents will be voting on on November 6, 2007:

* Westlake Village City Council (2 seats up for election)
* Las Virgenes Unified School District Board of Education (2 seats)
* Las Virgenes Unified School District Measure E Renewal

To aid voters in wishing to find information, and to stay informed about the candidates, news and results, Westlake Revelations has created a new "Election Central" page at:

ERs, Hospitals, and more


It's unrealistic to believe there will ever be an ER in Westlake Village again for a variety of reasons. The new changes at Los Robles ER will improve the ER wait times, in the short term at a minimum. This is in addition to a new 5-level triage system that has already reduced wait times. The real question is, in the long term, how these new facilities will alter the behavior within the overall hospital system.

Measure E Renewal Committee Looking for Phone Bank Host

In November, residents from Westlake Village to Calabassas will be voting on the renewal of Measure E -- the $98 parcel tax that was passed almost 4 years ago. This measure generates $2 million per year for the Las Virgenes School District.

The Measure E Renewal Committee is looking for a place to host their phone bank nights starting September 17th for 7 weeks leading up to the election. These nights are set up to answer questions about the parcel tax, and tally votes for or against the measure.

Date Confirmed: Westlake Revelations/Oak Forest Debate

A quick update on the City Council Candidate Debate presented by Westlake Revelations and the Oak Forest HOA.

The event will be held at Oak Forest (on Triunfo near Lindero) in the Oak Forest Estates Clubhouse, on:

Thursday, October 11, 2007, at 7pm

All four candidates have confirmed that they will attend. You can read their candidate statements by clicking here.

The structure of the debate will be as follows:

Westlake Village Council and LVUSD Board Candidates


On November 6, 2007, residents will be voting for two open seats on the Westlake Village City Council, and 2 open seats on the Las Virgenes Unified School District (LVUSD) Board of Education. The filing periods for candidates for these positions closed yesterday, and below are the candidates running for these positions, listed alphabetically.

Westlake Village City Council:

Theodore Corwin, Physician
Ned Davis, Executive
Carol Kirschbaum, Retired Risk Manager

City of Westlake Village Finances


Most people in Westlake Village know that the City is financially healthy, but much of the information floating around out there about the city finances may be difficult to understand or covering different periods of time, and there's wrong impressions as a result. In the past 12 months, the city had about $8.7 million total in general revenue plus almost $2 million in restricted revenues. Over the long run, restricted revenues are about a wash with restricted expenses.

For this past fiscal year (ending June 30, 2007), the general revenues (the $8.7m above) are about $2 million more per year than the "operating expenses". These are the monies that the City spends to run the city and offer services. The "surplus" ($2m) is primarily transferred to the City's "Capital Improvement Program Fund Reserve". This past fiscal year, the City spent about $3.4 million on capital projects, so about $1.4 million beyond the surplus revenue the City had. The City has chosen to spend more than that year's surplus in other years as well.

So, while the city's financial health is among the best in the state compared with other cities of similar size, and the city has plenty of revenue for operating expenses, Westlake Village does not have an unlimited number of funds for all the capital projects "on the wish list" which is currently about $45 million worth of projects. From a budget point of view, the most important decisions the City makes are the priorities and amounts of capital improvement projects.

City Council Election Applications, Web, and Debate


Next week begins the couple week period where the city accepts applications for those running for the council. When the application period is over, Westlake Revelations will be providing each candidate with a web page to state their views, etc... in their own words. In the Fall, Westlake Revelations be moderating a candidates debate, based on questions from Westlake Revelations readers. The debate will be hosted at the Oak Forest community center. Westlake Revelations' readers should start thinking now about what questions.

Fireworks: What's legal and what's not


With fire danger this year being one of the worst ever, the cities are very concerned this year not only about 4th of July, but also fire prevention in general. You've may have seen the "no fireworks" signs around. Literally all fireworks are illegal (even sparklers). You should know that there are stepped up patrols this year as well. Also, if you've not done brush clearance around your property (you have to clear 200 ft from the structure), you should get it done quickly. Inspections are ongoing.

Full Article

New Superintendent for LVUSD

The below announcement was released this week by the Las Virgenes School District's Board of Education.

Opus/Russell Ranch Site Plans

Some of our readers have asked to see pictures of the two site proposals. Here are scaled down views of both. Click on them to see the full resolution versions.

The first one below is for a development that falls completely within the existing development agreement. The second site plan is for the version that would include an additional restaurant, service retail, and a fitness center.

Click here for the pictures.

City Council Positions

As you may already know, Jim Bruno announced definitively this week that he would not be seeking re-election to the City Council. With the questions I've gotten this week, I thought I would answer some of these questions more publicly.

About the Election

Jim Bruno and Philippa Klessig's seats are up for election this coming November, with the office starting in December. The other seats are not up for election until 2009.

Update on Lot C/Opus West Russell Ranch

Update on Opus West Russell Ranch Project
Development on "Lot C" (formerly Lowe's site)

View this article online with renderings at


The Opus West Russell Ranch Project, the development on "Lot C" (formerly Lowe's site), is moving forward with the development of an office complex. The first steps are to present a concept review to the city council next week, and to prepare an EIR. The property's entitlements (i.e., what they are already allowed to do as part of the development agreement) currently calls for a maximum of 376,000 sq. ft., no taller than 4 stories, with appropriate parking.

The community has asked Opus for the project to have more of a campus feel, and a mix of uses. Furthermore, with office building being the greatest source of the traffic peaks for Westlake Village, others have called for both a fitness center and restaurants to be on the property. The thinking is that this would mitigate and spread out traffic peaks by giving good reasons for Opus tenants (as well as others on Russell Ranch Road) to stay in the area immediately surrounding the offices instead of going onto Lindero Canyon. Other advocates just want these additional services available in the area.

The Opus proposal is for 361,000 sf of office space, and 15,000 sf for two free standing restaurants (total of 376,000 sf) plus a 2 story parking structure. Opus has said that they are willing to add in another restaurant, a fitness center, and some service retail integrated with the fitness center (or a subset of these). The EIR will consider the effects of these proposals. And, the option for going either way until late summer or Fall when the City Council would decide which it prefers.

To put these project sizes in perspective, the current project is about 80%, and the alternative project 92%, of the size of the Westlake Park Place (the Townsgate office complex being built on the Thousand Oaks side of Westlake Village near Gelson's). Or, about 3x the size of Costco.

CLC not at old YB, Will Be Placed at A.E. Wright

Tue night this week, the Board of Education for the Las Virgenes Unified School District met in one of their regular meetings. There were a number of people present to lend their opinions about the location for the CLC that we wrote about earlier this week.

This afternoon, the Superintendent made a decision: CLC will not be located at Lindero Canyon Middle School. It will be placed at A.E. Wright. The complete (but concise) text of Dr. Smyser's memo is below for your perusal.

Construction Projects on Lindero Cyn Road

There are a couple of projects that people have been asking about on Lindero Canyon Road near Triunfo Canyon Road. Here's an update on both of them.

So, what's up with the bridge work where Lindero Canyon meets Triunfo?