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Westlake Revelations' charter is to disseminate factual information about issues. Specifically, to explain topics without stating opinions so that the citizens can deal in fact ... instead of fiction ... and then make up their own minds based on real information.

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Happy Holidays

On this last week of the year, the Ticktin family wants to wish you the very happiest of holiday seasons, and a happy new year.

If you have a moment, this 3.5 minute men's a cappella group is worth watching. Regardless of your persuasion, I'm sure it will bring a smile to your face ... not just for their skill, but ... well, you'll see.

and if that doesn't do it ... here's our favorite YouTube video of the year. Terry Fator (ventriloquist) having his turtle (Winston) impersonate Kermit the frog.

Geminid's Meteor Shower Tonight


The annual Geminid's shower is tonight and tomorrow night (Thurs and Fri nights, Dec 13th and 14th). As a general rule, the Geminids or the August Perseids are give the most prolific meteor displays of the year. You can see some of the meteors as darkness falls, and they become more more visible by 10pm, and peak around 2am.

Election Certified, New Mayor


The city council had its annual reorganization meeting. In this meeting, the city certified the election results, a farewell to outgoing council member Jim Bruno, swearing in of the new council members, and the election tonight of the new Mayor (Philippa Klessig) and Mayor Pro-tem (Robert Slavin).

Corral Fire Update

This information as of 11am, Saturday morning.

There's another fire in Malibu this morning -- called the "Corral Fire". It's already burned about 35 homes in developments at Malibu Bowl, Latigo Canyon, and the Seabreeze areas.

2200 acres have been burned, and 10,000-14,000 people have already been evacuated. The current evacuation area is bordered by Mulholland Drive to the North; the coast line to the South, including Point Dume; Corral Canyon to the East; and Trancas Canyon to the West.

City's Annual Citizen and Youth Recognition Programs


In the wake of the community losing two active citizens, Berniece Bennett and Fran Targon, the below seems particularly appropriate this Thanksgiving week. Kerry Kallman, the City of Westlake Village's Community Relations Coordinator, recently made this announcement to the media in the area. Think about those you interface with, in particular the youth who are active in the community, and nominate them if they stand out to you.

Berniece Evelyn Bennett


This week, the community suffered the loss of someone who many call the "matriarch" of Westlake Village ... Berniece Evelyn Bennett. The full obituary is below, including information on the "Celebration of Life" service on Monday, as well as how to make donations (in lieu of flowers).

While Berniece is well known throughout the community, there are many residents who don't know of her significant contributions that affect Westlake Village residents every day.

For example, Berniece was the one that led the charge to incorporate the city of Westlake Village. She worked with LAFCO (the organization responsible for city incorporation) to get all the paperwork, and organization in order. In short, many have said "without Berniece there would be no "City of Westlake Village" as it stands today."

In addition, Berniece was one of the people spearheading the negotiations for the 200 year moratorium to keep the Westlake Village Golf Course as open space, in exchange for allowing business development in Westlake North. This deal not only preserved the open space, but it set up the ability for the city to have a diverse revenue stream.

Berniece was very focused on the well being of the city. Not only was she the only three time mayor that Westlake Village has had, but she served longer on the council than anyone to date (14 years). And, even in her final weeks while clearly not feeling well, she was continually giving input on the future of Westlake Village.

Beyond her civic activities, Berniece was one of the most energetic, giving, and relentless volunteers in the community at large. More information on those activities from the family in the obituary below.

EIR for Opus West Russell Ranch Project Available


For those interested in the Opus West Russell Ranch Project (the proposed development on the property formerly known as the Lowes site or Lot C), the draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) is now available, and a 45 day public review period has started.

At the request of many in the community and the city, the EIR looks at two options: what the developer is already entitled to do, as well as the addition of a third restaurant and a fitness club. The idea is to give all the office building staff on Russell Ranch more options to stay within the area, as well as provide more options for residents. By having any restaurants and/or the fitness center, the EIR will count more car trips, but those would be lower simply because of car trips to the area having multiple purposes (e.g., office and gym, or office and restaurant).

To put things in perspective, for the largest alternative, traffic is projected at 85% of the number of car trips projected for the Lowes project during the week. With either alternative, traffic will be most noticeable during morning and evening rush hours, and less during the weekend. All intersections around town can operate at "acceptable" levels, except for Lindero Canyon Road and Russell Ranch Road/Via Colinas, which would operate at an "E" level of service (LOS). For both alternatives, the LOS is considered unacceptable. According to the EIR, "the project's impact to this intersection is significant and cannot be mitigated."

The vast majority of office workers come from other areas via the freeway. For the 101, traffic northbound in the afternoon is already projected to operate at "F" LOS by 2030 (which is worse than it is now). As a result, the freeway impact by the project, according to the EIR, "is a significant impact that cannot be mitigated."

There are other impacts related to air quality (primarily traffic related including the total distance traveled in the region), biological (e.g., oak trees being moved), and noise (primarily related to traffic). Biological can be mitigated to "less than significant", but air quality and noise cannot.

In short, while a development without the fitness center and third restaurant will have less impact for car trips, both office development alternatives will have "significant" impacts for traffic, noise, and air quality. The EIR does NOT evaluate things like compounding destinations to reduce car trips. In fact, if someone walks from the office building to the restaurant and back, that's considered 2 car trips. So, it is possible for the gym and additional restaurant choices to help keep office tenants within the Russell Ranch area, and actually bring the larger project closer in impact to the already entitled office space alone.

Opus West, the developer, is open to developing either alternative.

Unofficial Final Election Results

Good morning,

Here are the final, but unofficial results of yesterday's election.

Westlake Village village had approximately 5700 registered voters for this election, with an estimated 32% voter turnout for Westlake Village.

The overall LVUSD area had voter turnout at 17%.

City of Westlake Village Election
Councilmembers (top two vote getters elected)
Vote For No More Than 2

Ned Davis 1170
Philippa Klessig 863
Carol Kirschbaum 772
Theodore Corwin 556

Preliminary Westlake Village Vote Results

Good evening,

At this point (approximately 10pm), all but approximately 100 provisional or late submitted absentee votes have been counted.

For Westlake Village City Council, the winners we can now project as:

Ned Davis
Philippa Klessig.

The current counts (not yet complete) are:

Top 2 vote getters are elected:
Ned Davis: 1131
Philippa Klessig: 838
Carol Kirschbaum: 747
Ted Corwin: 542

It's time...

It's time to determine the future of Westlake Village and the surrounding areas...

* You have received up to date facts on a variety of local issues.

* You can watch the city council candidates debate to gauge personalities.

* You have access to all the candidate and other voter info.

So, there's no excuse to not only vote, but to make an informed decision. Below is information on how to access each one of these.

Westlake Village Campaign Finances

Many of you have asked about campaign finances -- the types of donors, quantities of donors, amount raised, monies spent, etc... Hopefully, this will answer most of your questions. Skip to the table at the end if you just want the results.

About Measure E


In 2004, voters approved Measure E: a $98 parcel tax that generates approximately $2 million per year for the Las Virgenes Unified School District. It required a 2/3 voter approval to pass. That approval expires next year.

On Tuesday, November 6th, voters will vote on an extension of Measure E. This time, for 8 years. Like last time, It will pass if there is 2/3 voter approval.

While it's a renewal of the parcel tax, and not a new tax, the new measure proposes a few changes, including a new exemption for residents who receive state disability benefits. Residents 65 or older would continue to be exempt from the parcel tax (if filed prior to the election), and residents who own more than one contiguous lot would have to pay only one fee.

The funds from Measure E are earmarked to:

* support high academic achievement in science, math, reading, and the arts
* provide needed textbooks and instructional materials
* student counseling/support services

The Measure calls for an independent fiscal oversight committee. No funds can be used for administratorâ??s salaries and every dollar staying in this community.

According to the county's official ballot information, there is no formal opposition filed against Measure E.

The support argument is in your official ballot information. The Yes web site is at:

Clearing Up Confusion on Lake Slip Availability

There is some confusion recently about boat slip availability on Westlake Lake. Here is a complete description of boat slip availability, as confirmed again today by the Westlake Lake Management Association (WLMA).

There are currently 124 people on the wait list for slips at the lake. If one were to get on the wait list today, they would likely wait 3-4 years for a spot to come available. This wait list is for the full size slips that can accommodate the electric "party" boats, as well as sail boats, that make up the vast majority of boats on the lake.

Happy Birthday Westlake Revelations

Sometimes, it's just amazing how fast time flies. This week is the one year anniversary of when I launched Westlake Revelations.

Today, we believe something like a quarter of the city or more regularly reads the emails and web site. People have read articles on the web site more than 30,000 times. Hundreds of you have sent notes, or thanked my family personally.

Overall, it's been a good experience. And, I will continue to do it as my contribution to the community, so long as I have the time, and it's enjoyable.

If you would take a moment, and do two things for me:

Council Votes Yes for Sports Park

Tonight, the Westlake Village City Council voted unanimously to approve the four legal documents that make up the deal for a joint sports park project with the Triunfo YMCA.

There were approximately 75 people in attendance for the City Council meeting. All but one of the speakers strongly supported the park. All but one of the "pro/con" cards and emails received by the city were in support of the project -- including letters from baseball greats Mike Scioscia and Todd Zeile.

Sports Park: City's Joint Project with the Y


As some already know from this past week's "study session" at City Hall, the City Council is about to vote on the Sports Park: the city's Joint Project with the Triunfo YMCA. While some have called this the "Y Project", the vast majority of this approximately 30 acre project would ultimately be city owned. Up to 20 acres will be a flat "pad," with approximately 8 acres of sports fields, 5 acres for the Y, the balance of the pad for parking and ancillary park facilities. The remainder will be landscape, slope, and access.

The deal is unusual, and involves the Y trading land with Canyon Oaks HOA, and the city grading the new property in exchange for owning all but the small 5 acre piece that the Y will build its facility on.

The estimated cost to create the "pad" is $10 million which may or may not be financed. Even if the city finances the project, the city's discretionary income would be some $3 million/year even after the $400,000 of debt service and maintenance for this project. This $3m is the monies beyond operating expenses that the city uses towards capital improvements.

With a deal some 6-8 years in the making, the city council will vote on the project on October 24th. A further substantial delay would likely cause the deal to fall apart. The project has overwhelming support from Canyon Oaks HOA, AYSO, Westlake Baseball, WAGS, and the Y.

Time Warner to Air Candidates' Debate

Last week, Westlake Revelations and Oak Forest hosted a debate of the Westlake Village City Council Candidates. Time Warner will be airing the entire debate three times in the weeks to come, in addition to being able to view it anytime on the web.

Time Warner will air the debate on Channel 25 and be available in these areas: Westlake Village, Thousand Oaks, Agoura Hills, Oak Park, Newbury Park, Camarillo, Fillmore, Piru, Moorpark, Santa Paula and Ojai.

The dates/times for the airings are as follows:

Tue, Oct 23rd, 2pm
Sat, Nov 3rd, 6pm
Sun, Nov 4th, 6pm

Overpass, budget related to it


There's a fair amount of confusion regarding the upcoming work to be done on the Lindero overpass and on ramps. This is a very quick article to explain how much it will cost, and what will be done. In short, the city has already secured all but about $3 million for the project, and that number will very possibly be lower in the end.

Candidates Debate SRO, Video Available on the Web

Last week, Westlake Revelations and Oak Forest hosted a debate of the Westlake Village City Council Candidates. With 120 in attendance, including the many standing in the back of the room, this appears to be one of the best attended candidate forums ever in Westlake Village.

All four candidates attended (listed here by ballot order):

Ned Davis, Executive
Philippa Klessig, Mayor Pro Tem (incumbent)
Carol Kirschbaum, Retired Risk Manager
Theodore Corwin, Physician

This Thurs, City Council Candidates Debate

The questions are in...

The candidates are getting ready...

It's debate time...

Just a reminder that the Westlake Revelations and Oak Forest Estates are hosting a debate this week with all four candidates running for Westlake Village City Council. And, your invited to come and hear what they have to say.

The debate will be fast paced and full of information that you can hear what each of the candidates has to say on a wide variety of topics.

The event will be held at Oak Forest (on Triunfo near Lindero) in the Oak
Forest Estates Clubhouse, on: