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Westlake Revelations' charter is to disseminate factual information about issues. Specifically, to explain topics without stating opinions so that the citizens can deal in fact ... instead of fiction ... and then make up their own minds based on real information.

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Three Springs-A-Palooza: Party in the Park

The Three Springs HOA is holding the Three Springs-A-Palooza: Party in the Park on Sunday, September 13th, 4pm-7:30pm at the Three Springs Park. Music, food and drinks.

Live music will be played by Ronny and the Classics. There will be a hot dog cart selling food, dessert and drinks. Kettle Corn will be given out for free. And, there will be a strolling magician.

People are welcome to bring their own food, along with chairs, blankets, etc...

The parking lot will be closed, so street parking only.

Wall Motorcade to arrive at approximately 12:30pm

The traveling Vietnam Wall is arriving in Westlake Village today and should be arriving approximately 12:30 p.m. today It will be escorted by up to 300 motorcycles as it makes it way to Pierce Brothers Valley Oaks on Lindero Canyon.

The route is coming from the 23 down the 101. If you are interested in seeing the motorcade, you may want to consider viewing from La Tienda (near Oaks Christian) on to the freeway, or from a safe place on overpasses, or from the corner of Lindero and Russell Ranch Road.

Lindero Canyon Middle School, Renovation Update


Lindero Canyon Middle School has seen significant progress in its $30 million capital construction project. Phase 1A & 1B have been completed, and the hope is for Phase 1C (and therefore Phase 1 overall) will be completed by the end of the 2009-2010 school year.

If all goes well, students will start to enjoy some benefits in the 2010-2011 school year, and the 2.5 year project will be complete sometime in 2011. Those students currently in 7th grade will likely enjoy benefits, and those in 6th grade currently will definitely enjoy benefits of the new campus.

City of Westlake Launches One City One Book Program


The City of Westlake Village and the Westlake Village Library are co-sponsoring "Westlake Village Reads" a One City One Book Program. The book chosen for the first year is The Soloist: A Lost Dream, An Unlikely Friendship, And The Redemptive Power Of Music by LA Times columnist Steve Lopez. The program involves a variety of free events including a teen essay contest,multiple book discussions, and an afternoon lecture with the author. Copies of the book will be made available for checkout at the Westlake Village Library located at 31220 Oak Crest Drive beginning September 1.

3/4 Scale Vietnam Vet Memorial Comes to Westlake


Around 1pm on Wed, Sep 2, a large motorcade will be arriving in Westlake Village escorting a 3/4 scale traveling replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. The exhibit will be open to the public 24 hours a day to view, free of charge, from Fri Sep 4th through Mon Sep 7th.

Standing 8 ft. high, and 240 ft. long, the black, reflective surface is inscribed with the names of more than 58,000 servicemen and women who died or are missing in Vietnam.

There are a variety of ceremonies that will take place from Wed through Mon. See full release for schedule and description.

More than 300 volunteers are helping to run this community-driven event, and at least 100 more are needed (to help with safety, hospitality, ceremonies, and construction). Those interested in volunteering, including Boy Scouts, vets and anyone wanting to help, should contact Sue Wolhaupter ( or Theresa Heyes ( for more information.

Agoura/Westlake Village Uncontested, LVUSD Extended

Quick election update.

Westlake Village

Westlake Village's candidates are Bob Slavin, Mark Rutherford and Sue McSweeney. The nomination period is now closed as all incumbents are running again. Since there are the same number of seats as candidates, the election is an "uncontested" election. The Westlake Village City Council, as it has in the past, can choose to not have an election and save the city an estimated $25,000. They have to make this decision within the next 10 days.

Agoura Hills

Agoura Hills also has an uncontested election with the three incumbents Denis Weber, Bill Koehler and Harry Schwarz running. Like Westlake Village, the nomination period is now closed since all incumbents are running again. The Agoura Hills City Council can also choose to not have an election with an estimated savings of $40,000-45,000. Like Westlake Village, they need to decide this within the next 10 days.


Las Virgenes Unified School District, however, has a contested election. And, because not all incumbents are running, the nomination period has been extended slightly (to Wed Aug 12th). The current candidates are:

Governing Board Member, Term Ends Dec 2013:
Diane Combes (Ventura County)
Dave Moorman (LA County)
Lesli Stein (LA County)
F. Gordon Whitehead (LA County)

Governing Board Member, Term Ends Dec 2011:
Cindy Iser (LA County)

There have been some questions about why Ventura County is part of the LVUSD election. While the vast majority of LVUSD is in Los Angeles County, Las Virgenes actually spans two counties: LA and Ventura. The Ventura portion of the District includes Bell Canyon which is part of Ventura County. Contrary to popular belief, Bell Canyon is part of LVUSD, not the Oak Park school district.

LVUSD/Westlake Village Election Update

There have been some updates and developments in between when the last article was written, and now.

City of Westlake Village

Bob Slavin and Mark Rutherford have both filed (actually, they both filed prior to the last article being published, but after the article was written) and have been verified. Sue McSweeney has filed, and shortly should confirm the re.

Elections: Westlake Village City Council and LVUSD School Board


As you may already know, the nominations are now open for those seeking election or re-election to both the Las Virgenes Unified School District, and the City of Westlake Village City Council. The Nomination Period runs from July 13, 2009 - August 7, 2009, but there's an expected extension for the LVUSD Board until August 14th, 2009.

Memorial Service: How you can help

A memorial service will be held for Alanna Moorman tomorrow. See for more details. The Amati family, who suffered the loss of both Teresa Amati and her mother, as well as an injured (but recovering) 7th grader Alessandra Amati, have not yet returned from Italy.

There are a number of people working very hard to bring Alanna's memorial together tomorrow. Because of the quantity of people expected, and because of the fragility of the ecosystem at King Gillette Ranch, there are a number of small things that you can do to really help.

Memorial Service Details

The below was released by LVUSD this afternoon giving the details of the
memorial services for Alanna Moorman.

Friends of the Moorman Family,

Memorial services for Alanna Moorman will be held at the King Gillette Ranch (, on Friday, July 17 at 6:00 p.m. Due to local laws and preservation of the Santa Monica Mountains, the Conservancy has asked that we not bring food to the service and wanted us to know that dogs are not allowed at the ranch.

Tragedy hits, LVUSD Meeting on Cell Antennae Canceled

This message was just released by LVUSD about the cancelation of the meeting scheduled for tomorrow night regarding the proposed cell antennae at Lindero Canyon Middle School.

Cancellation Of Regularly Scheduled Board Meeting

TGIF On Tonight: Rain or shine

With the unusual June rains today, some are wondering about the TGIF event tonight at the Westlake Village Civic Center located at 31200 Oak Crest Drive. It is on, rain or shine.

Both Lindero Canyon Middle School and Agoura High School Jazz Bands will be playing starting at 7pm. Participants are welcome to bring food to enjoy at the sites or food is available for purchase starting at 6pm by Mama Rita's.

If it is raining, the event will be inside the community room at the Civic Center.

TGIF Starts Fri, City Hosting 4th of July Parade


This Friday, the City of Westlake Village kicks off its 6th season of its TGIF series. The schedule this year includes 7 events that take place at either the Westlake Village Civic Center or Berniece Bennett Park. Full schedule below.

Hosted in the past by the Westlake Village Junior Women's Club, this year's 4th of July event will be hosted now by the City of Westlake Village. Starting with the Rotary Club sponsored pancake breakfast at 7:30am, the parade will start at 9:45am. The festivities continue as the parade feeds into Berniece Bennett Park.

This year, there will also be a U.S. Flag Retirement Ceremony by Boy Scout Troop #752. For those that don't know, the U.S. Flag Code states, "The flag, when it is in such condition that it is no longer a fitting emblem for display, should be destroyed in a dignified way, preferably by burning." A variety of organizations, from the U.S. Army to the Boy Scouts have ceremonies to properly retire a flag.

Impact to You: About Water Budgeting and Water Crisis


If you get your water from Las Virgenes Metropolitan Water District, you should have recently gotten a letter in the mail about water budgets and your allotment of water. LVMWD gets all of its water from Metropolitan Water District of So. California. MWD is cutting LVMWD's supply by 20%, and that's how much local area use must decrease by.

LVWMD is 2nd only to Beverly Hills in per capita water use in all of MWD. Westlake Village residents use a bit less than Agoura and Calabasas, but Westlake Village is also slightly cooler too.

Rather than an across the board 20% cut which would penalize those that are already water efficient, LVMWD chose to give an allotment to each household for indoor use, and then additional allotment based on property size. Commercial properties are reduced by a fixed percentage. The new program begins July 1, but you won't pay your first bill on the new setup until September.

The surcharges for exceeding the budgeted amount are $3 per billing unit, but this is not about the money. LVMWD cannot get additional base allocations from MWD. And, the water shortage is not just about below average rainfall, but also it's due to judicial limitations that severely limit the amount of water that can be transferred from North to South.

There are a variety of ways to reduce water usage, but the first focus is clearly outdoor irrigation. The key factor to look for is runoff. If you see runoff, you are definitely watering too much, but there are a number of other resources at:

City to Vote on Debt Financing/Refinancing


Tomorrow night, Tue, the City of Westlake Village's City Council will vote on the final approval for the city to refinance some existing debt along with some new financing for the previously approved City Park/Sports Fields/Triunfo YMCA Project.

In Fall 2007, City staff and Council did extensive evaluation and analysis of the possibilities of financing the park project. And, the park financing and the refinancing of existing debt was deliberated, and budgeted for, in this year's fiscal budget (voted on in June 2008).

With the falling of interest rates, the City will save $700,000 on existing debt. The new debt will come at a cost of approximately $500,000 per year (already budgeted for) which comes to 6.8% of the City's operating budget.

Lindero Canyon Jazz A Wins at Reno

Lindero Canyon Middle School's Jazz A class took a trip to the Reno Jazz Festival ( on Fri, and for the first time in the school's history, Jazz A won. Lindero's Combo group took 2nd place (and has won in the past) amongst 8 middle school combo groups at Reno.

The festival is for middle schools, multiple sizes of high schools, and junior and four-year colleges for Jazz, Jazz Combo, and Choir. Participants come from Washington, Oregon, Nevada and California. Several of the schools attending are private and magnet schools, as well as public schools like LCMS.

2009 Soap Box Derby Final Race Time Results

Final race times are now available for 2009 Soap Box Derby.

2009 Winners
Soap Box Derby Winners
First place: Trevor Campbell, Mohicans - 13.60 seconds
Second place: Chris Diaz, Mohicans - 13.89 seconds
Third Place: Paul Bouchez, Mohicans - 13.98 seconds

Full list of times listed at

Car Show Winners:
People's Choice: Richard Rutherford,1955 Porsche 550 Spyder
Driver's Choice: Max Schulze, 1955 Packard Caribbean Convertible

Soap Box Derby 2009 Weekend is Here

** Disclaimer: Westlake Revelations is a sponsor of Soap Box Derby

Soap Box Derby 2009 Weekend is Here

This Sunday, April 19th, 2009 is the the Triunfo YMCA Soap Box Derby and Healthy Kids Day, sponsored by the City of Westlake Village. This year's event is jam packed with:

* Over 75 racers registered, a "heat" every 2 minutes
* Healthy Kids Day exhibitors
* Antique and Classic Car Show
* Community BBQ by Boy Scout National Jamboree Troop 831
* Obstacle course
* Rock Wall sponsored by City of Agoura Hills
* Close Up Magic by Society of American Magicians

Home Depot Decision Reversed


The Thousand Oaks City Council voted on Tue night to overturn the decision of the Planning Commission to approve the new Home Depot to replace the old, vacant K-Mart building. While reports vary, the 7 hour meeting had an approximately equal mix of those both for and against the appeal.

In the end, those Council members who voted to overturn the Planning Commission, and not allow Home Depot's project. The members made comments leading up to their decisions which were focused on zoning, traffic, noise and day laborers.

As has happened more often in California in recent years, the Council's decision was made despite the decision possibly opening up the City to liability and litigation by the applicant due to denial of a property owner's rights.

As a simplified example to understand this, take a homeowner who owns a piece of land with a house on it. In most cases, the law says that, you can tear down the house, and build another one if you follow the rules. That's your right as a property owner.

Home Depot Appeal Goes Before T.O. City Council


The City of Thousand Oaks is holding a special meeting on March 31, 2009 at 6pm to hold a public hearing on an appeal of the Planning Commissions's decision to approve Home Depot's development permit.

The permit, which was approved by the planning commission on January 26th, is to allow demolition of the 121,360 sq ft. former K-Mart and in-line stores, and to replace it with 96,973 sq. ft. Home Depot with attached 13,669 sq. ft. Outdoor Garden Center. (Total project is 10,718 sq. ft. smaller than former K-Mart and in-line stores.)

City of Thousand Oaks staff is recommending to the council that it deny the appeal for a variety of reasons stated in full in this document:

Essentially, they take each of the arguments submitted in the appeal, and respond to them ending with the conclusion that "The Planning Commission determined that the proposed use is consistent with the C-1 zoning," and "Although the Planning Commission granted waivers for this project, the waivers were considered necessary because they either improved existing site conditions or enhanced public safety." "Finally, the EIR found no evidence that there would be any significant impacts that could not be mitigated."