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Westlake Revelations' charter is to disseminate factual information about issues. Specifically, to explain topics without stating opinions so that the citizens can deal in fact ... instead of fiction ... and then make up their own minds based on real information.

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West Nile Virus Found in Westlake Village

This week, more than one bird has been found dead in the City of Westlake Village -- and yesterday, one bird has been confirmed to have West Nile by authorities.

Lot C Development: "Shoppes at Westlake Village"


Selleck Development Group, headed by area resident Dan Selleck, is moving forward with a project called "Shoppes at Westlake Village" located on "Lot C" on Russell Ranch Road. This is the property formerly considered by Lowes, and where the Opus office complex was previously approved.

Selleck purchased the property from Bank of America in June 2010 for an undisclosed amount. After an almost two year vetting process, Selleck is now contracted to do the project and sell Target Stores 10.3 of the 22.5 acres for the project. If approved by the City of Westlake Village, the proposed project would have Target opening in March 2014. The Environmental Impact Report (EIR) is now available ( and is in it's 45 day comment period now (ending March 22, 2012). Selleck is hoping to bring the project before the City Council for approval in April, so that he can market the balance of space starting in May. (It's more difficult to market to tenants without approval.)

The project is approximately 245,000 sq feet (a little more than half of what the previously approved Opus office building complex was going to be ... not including the parking structures). The property has a "truck delivery system" reportedly designed to loop around the property specifically to avoid the northern part of Russell Ranch Road (near the Renaissance development). According to Selleck, deliveries will be during designated hours.

Starting at $750,000 per year initially, Selleck is projecting $1 million of annual sales tax revenue to the City of Westlake Village after three years and is expected to create 1900 jobs. During construction, Selleck expects 25-75 Average Construction Workers/Month.

For traffic, Westlake Village enjoys a high Level of Service (LOS) for almost all intersections all the time. The only time traffic reaches a noticeable level, and only at certain intersections, is during AM and PM peak times ("rush hour") during the week. The proposed retail development has a much lesser amount of impact on peak times than the previously approved office complex, but adds car trips throughout the day and on the weekend (when there's much less overall traffic in the City). It also adds during PM peak time, but spread out more evenly than the previously approved office park. As it is currently, other than at peak times, the development is not expected to have a material impact the LOS for intersections, but it will decrease the level of service some in a couple of intersections during peaks.

Westlake Revelations has asked Selleck if he would take suggestions from the community on the development, including ideas for stores and restaurants for the property. While he won't respond to each of them, he has agreed to read each. Submit your suggestions at:

Additional Detail below. Pictures at the bottom.

New Service Times at Westminster Presbyterian Church

Beginning Sunday, February 12, Westminster Presbyterian Church of Westlake Village will have new service times. Morning services will take place a half hour later at 9:00 and 10:30, and an evening service will begin at 5:00. The 5:00 pm service (Regeneration) is designed to be family-friendly, informal and worshipful. The new time is intended to be helpful to busy families with Sunday morning sports commitments and other activities.

Donate Coats at Event in Three Springs Sat

This weekend, on January 21 from 9:30am-1:30pm (rain or shine), the "2nd Annual Winter Wonderland Charity Event" at Three Springs Park in Westlake Village. Those attending are encouraged to bring gently used children or adult coats to benefit CASA Pacifica in Camarillo. This is a family event with winter crafts, games, coffee and smoothies -- and this year, event organizers are adding snow.

CASA Pacifica is a center that provides emergency shelter, medical and other community-based interventions to families in need. Visit to learn more.

LVMWD "Starting Over" with Tank Project


At the Las Virgenes Metropolitan Water District's board meeting this past week, General Manager John Mundy and staff gave the Board of Directors a verbal update on the water storage tank project. At that meeting, the Board instructed staff to schedule a special meeting about the District’s Backbone Improvement Program (including the 5 million gallon water storage tank proposed above Three Springs) which will include a "re-evaluation" on both the needs, and details, of the proposed. Put more directly, the water district is considering whether all the parts of the project are still necessary, and if there are alternative ways to accomplish their goals or even implement the plan.

The Board's actions are in direct response to issues raised by the public during the December 13th LVMWD regular board meeting when the Board of Directors was expected to vote to approve the proposed water tank storage project.

Mann Westlake Village Closes; Cinépolis Coming

Earlier this week, Mann Theaters at the Promenade in Westlake Village, which opened in 1996, closed its doors. Many have been wondering what was going on. Theater employees told the Daily News that they are being laid off. Mann has not released a statement on the reason for this closure.

LASD Deputies "Save Christmas", Quickly Solve Two Burglaries

In the middle of the night on Christmas morning, a Westlake Village home was burglarized while the residents were home. Malibu/Lost Hills Deputies got a tip from the victim about their iPad indicating its location was ata nearby home. Deputies responded to the location, arrested the suspect. Working with San Diego County Sheriff’s Deputies, deputies were able to solve another burglary and recover 40 stolen children’s Christmas presents -- in time for them to be returned to the kids in Vista, California.

Full Details

Holiday Safety Tips

The Malibu / Lost Hills Sheriff station has put out the following safety tip reminders for the holidays...

With the Christmas and holiday celebration season in full swing, Malibu / Lost Hills Station would like to provide some safety tip reminders that will help all of our citizens have a safe and enjoyable holiday season.
With the increased demands on our time and attention this time of year, we are more vulnerable to crime and accidents. Take a few moments to review the following tips before you head out shopping and celebrating, confident that you are prepared.

Parking Lots:

Bethlehem Experience: Not This Year

Westminster Presbyterian Church's Bethlehem Experience will not be taking place this year. It will return December 2012.

WPC has has presented the Bethlehem Experience every December for 15 years, "thanks to the dedication of a core group of men and women leaders, and the participation of many volunteers." Last Spring, as plans for Bethlehem Experience 2011 were being discussed, project leadership decided it was "time to pause and reflect on this mission and its place".

Decision Delayed on Water Tank

Las Virgenes Metropolitan Water District tonight held a meeting where they were expected to vote on the water storage tank above Three Springs. After public comments were completed, the Board recognized that there may be confusion in the public about possible options, and more importantly, that there may be additional options worth considering including the possibility of building a permanent access road that doesn't go through any HOA.

The Board deferred voting on which water storage tank side (A or C) would be best until after it understands a possible choice for access.

Water Tank Decision Vote Tomorrow

Tomorrow, the Las Virgenes Metropolitan Water District Board will consider and likely vote on the tank location for the proposed water storage tank in Three Springs. According to LVMWD, "The proposed storage tank is part of a series of water system improvements designed to increase the potable water distribution system’s operating efficiency, with expanded capacity to meet peak summer water and emergency supply demands."

Triple Big News for LVUSD

This afternoon, LVUSD released the agenda for the upcoming Board of Education meeting on Tuesday, Dec 6. This agenda had three pieces of big news for the District ... in order of appearance in the agenda.

To be clear, NONE of these are official until the Board of Education votes and approves on them. That said, all are the actions being recommended to the Board for this coming Tuesday.

Westlake Concludes 30th Anniversary with Winter Wonderland

The City of Westlake Village has just announced the final event in the 30th Anniversary Celebration. See the full announcement about the Winter Wonderland event on December 11.


New Mayor, Pro-Tem, Sports Park Announcements

It's the time of year for the city council to vote for a new mayor. As covered in earlier Westlake Revelations articles, the residents elect the city council members for four year terms. The city council, in turn, once a year elects a Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem. Tonight, each of these positions were selected as well as a surprise announcement about the joint City/Y sports park.

Changing of the Guard

First, the city council certified the election results re-electing Ned Davis and Philippa Klessig as council members. They were sworn in immediately after.

Tonight: Murdock Surprise Announcement, New Mayor Selection

David H. Murdock is going to make a surprise announcement regarding the Family Park and YMCA facility (aka Regional Sports Park facility). Those YMCA members, sporting team members, and anyone interested in the park project is encouraged and welcome to attend tonight's City Council meeting which also includes the annual reorganization of the City Council, and election and swearing in of the new Mayor for Westlake Village.

Reception will follow the reorganization meeting and special announcement.

The meeting takes place at 6:30 at the City Council Chambers at City Hall. The meeting is expected to be a shorter meeting than is typical (probably 45 minutes).

Unlicensed Taxicab Drivers Arrested


The City of Thousand Oaks Police Department has just released the following. Thousand Oaks requires taxi drives to have a city permit. Of the drivers contacted, half were operating illegally in Thousand Oaks. Licensed drivers are screened for controlled substance abuse and undergo a complete background check. In addition, illegal taxi services may not have a properly working taximeter.

Licenses taxicab drivers are required to display a sticker (for the current year) and their personal operator's license (see pictures below for the Thousand Oaks ones).

The City of Westlake Village falls under the County of Los Angeles licensing for taxis (the LA County code is included "by reference" into the City's Municipal Code). Like Thousand Oaks, the County (including the City of Westlake Village) require taxicab operator to "procure a license and pay an annual license fee", and taxicab drivers need to display a vehicle permit affixed to the rear portion of the taxicab.

The City of Agoura Hills also falls under the County of Los Angeles licensing.

More Details from Sheriff

This was just released by the Sheriff to further explain this week's arrests.

Annual Suicide Survivors Day Event, Sat Nov 19

Tomorrow, November 19th, is the annual suicide survivors day, which occurs in communities throughout the nation. The local event will be at the Thousand Oaks Library from 9am-2pm. The Grant R. Brimhall Library, located at 1401 E. Janss Road in Thousand Oaks.

Sheriff Arrests 7, Six Children Taken into Protective Custody


The Malibu/Lost Hills Sheriff's station released the below information this morning after executing a six location search warrant operation to collect evidence in relation to the sudden unexplained death of Griffen Kramer (the Thousand Oaks High School quarterback). Funeral services were held earlier this month for the high school senior.

3 adults and 2 junveniles were arrested on felony charges. 2 additional juveniles were arrested on misdemeanor charges, and 2 adults were cited for misdemeanor offenses. Due to deplorable conditions, 6 children were taken into protective custody by the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services Response Team.

Klessig and Davis win

Earlier today, the City finished counting the ballots for City Council Member elections. All precincts, vote by mail, and provisional ballots are now counted.

Final results are:
Ned Davis: 1316 votes
Philippa Klessig: 953 votes
Chris Mann: 907 votes

With two seats available, both Davis and Klessig have been re-elected.