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Cabrillo Music Theatre Update

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As an update to the status of Cabrillo Music Theatre, this week, its board of directors announced that they have exceeded the "Emergency Fundraising Campaign" goal of $250,000, with over 855 donors who have contributed. The board had decided to move forward with the 2014/15 season when they reached 80% of the goal about a month ago.

With it clear that continued fundraising will be necessary for the long term, Cabrillo has hired former Board Member Julie Prince as their managing director. Her focus will be to "stimulate on-going daily fundraising efforts, obtain new sponsors, and grow both our season subscribers as well as our group sales." Part of the plan is a "major push into our business community to build sponsorships that will be mutually beneficial to them and Cabrillo."

60% of Cabrillo's revenue comes from ticket sales, and the board is calling out to the community to buy tickets for the shows, now that the season is a go. Cabrillo's new season of shows includes Memphis, Mary Poppins, Oklahoma and our bonus show Company! Information, schedule, and tickets is available at