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Happy Anniversary

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Westlake Revelations is celebrating its 7 year anniversary this month, and this week published its 500th article.

About 1/4 of Westlake Village residents read the emails. In addition, articles have been accessed over a million times in the past seven years (1,063,292 to be exact). CBS Los Angeles awarded Westlake Revelations with "best valuable blogger" in LA for local affairs. Even better, is that many of you have sent notes or thanked me or my family personally.

I expect to continue publishing Westlake Revelations as my contribution to the community, time permitting. But as with all milestones, I am pondering how useful my contribution is, and how it can be improved. So, I'm asking for 2 minutes of your time:

1) Give me feedback by taking a very short survey:

2) My intent is for as many people as possible to be informed. Please forward this link to 5 of your friends/neighbors to subscribe:

Thank you for reading!
Neil Ticktin