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180 Project at Old Hospital Site, Effectively Denied

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Tonight, the City Council had a very long meeting (well over four hours) on 180's proposal to construct a senior living facility. It was effectively denied.

Council Members Davis and McSweeney made it clear in comments during deliberation that they did not support the project. As a result, since it would require 3 or more council members for it to pass, Council Member Rutherford suggested that rather than belabor with additional comments, that the council instruct staff to put together a denial motion for the project to be voted on for the next meeting.

Mayor Klessig asked that before they work on the denial, that she take some time to comment on the project that would attempt to convince other council members to support it. Council Member Rutherford answered her comments with a repeat of his suggestion to construct a denial resolution for the next meeting.

Officially, the council took no action tonight. They need to vote now on a resolution of denial at the next meeting (most likely on September 11th). (There are approval resolutions prepared for tonight, but there are no denial resolutions.)

In short, as Mrs. Klessig explained -- the project is denied, but it's not officially denied until the denial resolution is voted on.

As written in the past article, Council Member Slavin recused himself from the issue.