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T.H.E. "rapidly approaching" goal to increase LVUSD counseling

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T.H.E. Foundation is the non-profit organization that supports all of the Las Virgenes Unified Schools, working to raise funds to create an "ongoing, sustainable source of revenue for our district." T.H.E. Foundation has embarked on a campaign to help increase school counseling for every child in LVUSD, asking everyone in our community to make a tax-deductible donation of $150 or more. In the words of T.H.E. "Counselors help keep our kids and community safe, while also maintaining our great schools and our high property values."

The goal is to add or increase counseling services at every school in our community. To do that, T.H.E. has a goal of raising $422,000. According to the group, T.H.E. is "rapidly approaching" that goal, but is not there yet.

If you are interested, here's a video explaining more.

If you are ready to donate, you can do so now at: